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New furniture adds class to Ratty dining

Senior Staff Writer
Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Students approve of the new “intimate” design of the Sharpe Refectory’s front alcove.

Students returning to the Sharpe Refectory after spring break were pleasantly surprised to find that one of two alcoves had been redesigned, complete with a new color scheme, furniture and layout.

“The previous seating in the alcove had been in need of replacement for some time,” wrote Peter Rossi, director of Brown Dining Services, in an email to The Herald. He added that he felt the new “seating selection and design would complement the space.”

Students’ reactions to the changes were positive across the board, varying from enthusiastic to relieved.

“It’s almost intimate,” said Natasha Blackadar ’15, as she enjoyed lunch with a friend in one of the newly-added booths. “It makes going on a Ratty date finally acceptable.”

“It looked like it was falling apart before the break, so this is a welcome change,” said Jenna Ditto ’15.

“It’s pretty classy now,” Ditto added.

Criticisms of the redesign, which were few and far between, focused on the style and color choices. “The coloring is not ideal,” said Rachel Sarnoff ’14. “I don’t know why they chose this weird navy color with accents.”

The changes were facilitated by Brown Dining Services, with help from Facilities Management and the Purchasing Department, Rossi wrote.

He added that no further redesigns are planned at this time.

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