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Dorm reform: Ongoing renovations aim to enrich student communities

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Black represents summer 2012 changes; gray represents summer 2013 changes.

Pembroke Campus:

This summer:

• Andrews Hall rooms, hallways and lounges were renovated, and adjacent singles were combined into doubles.

• Miller and Metcalf halls underwent renovations, with completion set for January 2013. Single rooms are being combined to create first-year doubles.

Next summer/fall:

• Emery, Woolley, Morriss and Champlin halls will be upgraded.

• Andrews Dining Hall will be converted to a new student commons and 24-hour study space.

• Verney-Woolley Dining Hall will be open on weekends.

Keeney Quadrangle:

This summer: 

• Student rooms were renovated and newly furnished.

• Adjacent single rooms were combined into doubles.

• New kitchens were created on the top floors, and lounges were expanded and renovated.

• Both courtyards were newly landscaped.

Next summer: 

• Elevators will be completed.

• Restrooms and hallways will be renovated.

• The building will be split into three separate houses.

Central Campus:

This year:

• Hope College and Littlefield Hall are now sophomore-only.

• The first floor of Wayland House now houses students, following the Office of Residential Life’s move to Graduate Center E.

Next summer/fall:

• Slater and Hegeman Halls will be sophomore-only.

• Hope will be renovated, and Hegeman’s restrooms will be overhauled.

Housing for Upperclassmen:

This year: 

• 315 Thayer St. is now open following renovation over this past school year.

Next summer:

• Perkins Hall will be renovated, and current first-year double rooms will become upper-class singles.


• Administrators hope to be able to renovate other dorms, such as Grad Center.

• The University may build a new residence hall.

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