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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Student alleges insufficient evidence for possible expulsion

Monday, December 3, 2012

To the Editor:

Many universities these days are demanding a second look at management of sexual misconduct and sexual assault cases, including Brown. As Senior Associate Dean for Student Life Jonah Ward points out in his letter (“Sexual violence victims receive U. support,” Nov. 30), Brown itself has taken many steps in “providing a robust array of services for the immediate and long-term needs of students who report victimization.” This is an incredibly important pursuit, and I do not wish to diminish its value.

However, there is another side to this story. Although many of these reports are true and should be handled as such, this is not always the case. This letter is to make people aware of the exception to the rule.

This is a personal story I write as I will likely soon be expelled from Brown University. The basis of my expulsion is false allegations. Until recently, I pledged a co-ed fraternity here. One or two members of this fraternity spearheaded a “witch hunt” against me for reasons that I still don’t fully understand. The stories against me snowballed into exaggerated rumors about me last year that I’m sure many in my class heard. Some of these were proven to be completely unfounded and incorrect, but two members of the fraternity were incited to go to the University with their allegations.

Although several other students and I knew these allegations were false, the fervor and drive behind them led to a “preponderance of evidence” against me. This is a common and poorly-defined term far less than the evidence “beyond a reasonable doubt” needed in criminal cases. The testimony against me was seen as sufficient by the University to merit my expulsion. And because I have no substantial evidence other than my word that these allegations are false, I had little to use to show my innocence.

My career at Brown has been destroyed by these false accusations. I make no claim that my suffering holds a candle to the suffering of victims of sexual misconduct, but it is essential that more protection be given to those accused in university disciplinary systems. As it stands now, simply making false allegations against other students can ruin them, and people should be aware of this disastrous circumstance.

Jacy ’15

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  1. Have you contacted a lawyer? Sounds like you might have case for defamation.

  2. You definitely have grounds to take legal action here. Brown has done this before. See the McCormick case for example.

  3. You are such a manipulative person – you know what actually happened and I hope everyone sees past your ridiculous letter.

  4. I have no knowledge of the situation, but I feel like the newspaper is not an appropriate forum for this. I feel like this matter, whatever it is, needs to be resolved between the students involved and the Office of Student Life and having having one student present a very vague description of the situation from only his point of view isn’t accomplishing anything.

  5. The claim of false accusations is an easy thing to hide behind and an easy way to create false support for you. If only a letter could be written detailing everything you’ve done.

  6. I agree with 14:46, this feels like an attempt to ride off of the rape victims in order to support your point in a public setting.

  7. To 14:46 the newspaper seems to be a good forum for this view in a larger context. It doesn’t seem like he’s trying to change the results of his particular issue but rather bringing light to the larger issue of false accusations.

  8. Even those commenting on this letter seem to assume he is guilty, which I think just reiterates his point about the university disciplinary system and makes me feel even worse for him.

  9. I don’t think there’s a single person at Brown that would agree that false accusations are not an issue. If Jacy had pointed out issues with the University disciplinary system that somehow encouraged or easily accepted false accusations, this would be a legitimate article. But this is not something that should have been published. This letter is from someone has been found to be guilty by the university accuse those who brought charges against him of spearheading a “witch hunt”. Other than repeating that his accusers are fools and liars, he has told us no reason for us to believe him innocent, or that anything went wrong in his case. There is no way for anyone reading the paper to know of his innocence or guilt, and I’m sure he knew that he had no means of actually saying anything meaningful about the case when he wrote the article. The only real argument he has is that the University disciplinary system is not held to the standards of a criminal court, which is obvious, considering that the university is a private institution, and that the worst the university can threaten is expulsion, not life in prison. Universities can easily ignore sexual harassment accusations, as was the case in the Amherst article published earlier this year, and there is a huge risk of lawsuits when the university does choose to process someone through the disciplinary system, and so I doubt it was as easy to prosecute him as he makes it appear. Furthermore, if he really believes he has a case he can talk to a lawyer, but he didn’t need to write to the newspaper to get that advice.

  10. Of course Jacy doesn’t have proof he’s innocent. The point he’s making is that he was ‘convicted’ with no evidence against him other than the accuser’s testimony.

    I’ve told Jacy this before, but he has a solid legal case against the accusers if not also against the university.

  11. I feel I ought to respond to the commentary here. I don’t intend this letter to improve my own situation at all. I am pursuing that through the appropriate legal channels. I wrote this in hopes it might prevent the same situation from happening to anyone down the road, to bring awareness to this issue.
    To the person who knows the truth of this situation, I hope what you got out of making this up was worth destroying my Brown career. I hope you can sleep well at night. You will not keep me from doing amazing things with my life.

  12. If what Jacy says is true, I hope he will sue the hell out of Brown. Not just for him but for student generations to come. Brown speech codes and codes of sexual conduct are clearly against two fundamental American principles (freedom of speech and innocent until proven guilty). The university should be forced correct for those wrongs!
    Further, if there were an all male group deciding about a rape case, Brown students would be up in arms. So how can people believe that having a bunch of self-confessed feminists lead those charges will result in a just process?

  13. If what you say is true, then I hope that no part of the settlement the university will offer you will include a confidentiality agreement (that is, a requirement that you not reveal the terms of the settlement, nor ever talk about the case again).

    These issues need to be aired in public, and a university shouldn’t be allowed to buy silence about its conduct.


  14. If a crime has been committed, a crime has been committed.

    This needs to be investigated and possibly charged by law enforcement, not dealt with by amateurs in a Star Chamber with many and enormous conflicts of interest.

    Shame on Brown — here’s hoping Jacy owns you.

  15. Just remember that no one here knows the details of this case. Jacy is as likely to be lying and using this letter to gain support as he is to be telling the truth. He says that his accusers are lying but people are unlikely to lie about sexual assault. We can’t make any judgements assuming that Brown is in the wrong unless we know the details of this case against Jacy. It is very likely that Brown considered this case carefully and made the correct decision in expelling him.

    • Incorrect. If Brown acted on a he-said-she-said-“eh, we’ll just give it to her” coin toss, then they are in the wrong. Expelling someone is a serious matter and should not be done on such a low standard. We may reasonably assume, since his letter did not come from jail, that they did not apply the proper standard of “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

  16. Anybody remember the William McCormick case? I thought Brown University students might be familiar with it…

  17. “…people are unlikely to lie about sexual assault.” Unlikely, yes, but it does happen.

  18. Jacy did this to put pressure the University to let him back in. It’s a ploy that is clearly working on the Brown students who love to hate what the University does. I agree that the University makes mistakes, but sexual misconduct cases are very hard to judge, even outside of the University context.

  19. This whole thing is a concoction of fiction, just to make Brown University appear to take action about something. The truth is that Brown University takes action about nothing. All the back-n-forth in this blog is a fabrication. President Paxson, welcome to Brown.

  20. Why would Jacy go public with such a personal, embarrassing story for his own sake…

    And can you imagine if you approached someone who claimed they were the victim of sexual assault with the same skepticism, assuming it’s a lie, like you approach this story? What a double standard.

  21. The weirdest part about this is that he says there was a “‘witch hunt’ against me for reasons that I still don’t fully understand.” So he’s saying, for no good reason, someone came out and said she was RAPED, just because she didn’t like the guy? How likely is it that someone would voluntarily admit to being raped, unless there really is an offender, or at least a strong social pressure? Also, what is meant by these stories “[snowballing] into exaggerated rumors” – how is this related to the singular person who accused him of rape? Why would rumors even be relevant? The entire story falls upon the one, single person who was actually there, being raped; every other witness is a matter of what pieces they saw of it. Saying that stories became out of control rumors, and this lead to his expulsion, is completely ridiculous, and for this reason I think his story sounds REALLY suspect. I don’t think that, if you really were falsely accused (which does happen), you would be explaining your side like that.

  22. To 18:36, you need some clarification on your interpretation of this letter,

    “So he’s saying, for no good reason..” You just quoted him saying “for reasons that I still don’t fully understand”. Apparently there are reasons, according to him.

    “…someone came out and said she was RAPED…” He never said rape. He refereed to sexual violence which can include but is not limited to rape.

    “How likely is it that someone…” You admit “falsely accused (which does happen)” so while more likely someone wouldn’t make false allegations, it is still possible and guilt should not be assumed based on that.

    “how is this related to the singular person who accused him of rape?” Because he’s both commenting on his 1, possibly 2, accusers possible motivations and commenting on the rumors to bring general attention to the nature of those rumors. And again you mention a specific charge not mentioned in this letter.

    “single person who was actually there” Again, there where 2 possible accusers that could of each had multiple accusations, as stated in the letter.

    “…rumors, and this lead to his expulsion, is completely ridiculous, and for this reason I think his story sounds REALLY suspect” He is saying he thinks the rumors are a large motivating factor and could have been used by Brown to justify “preponderance” (usually 51% or more).

    “I don’t think that…you would be explaining your side like that.” This letter didn’t go into much detail on the specifics and he stated his views on the charges themselves. For the level of detail, his side was explained to that level.

  23. I just have to say something here. I am not the person who this letter describes—I am not affiliated with the fraternity Jacy pledged, and I never went to Brown with any allegations. However, Jacy did sexually harass me during his time as a Brown student, and I cowardly said nothing about it. This silence, by the way, was at Jacy’s own request: he had made a mistake, he said, and I believed him, and I owed it to him not to tell anybody. I was manipulated and I was uncomfortable, and I should have spoken up.

    I realize that this is not the platform to air out dirty laundry, and I am not trying to slander Jacy’s name. I do believe that people can move on with their lives and be better than this, and I can’t say whether the allegations Jacy speaks of in his letter are anything other than false. But know, readers, that this is not a wholly innocent person you are defending. He may not have hurt anyone else, but he certainly hurt me. Sexual harrassment is not a “mistake.” And removing Jacy from the Brown community is not a mistake, either.

    • a friend says:

      More trolling by the accuser in order to bring support to her case.

    • I hope you come forward, at least personally to me. I never meant for my actions to come off as harassment or request anyone’s silence. Especially not anyone in the class year of ’15. If you truly feel this way, and this isn’t just a troll, please let me know.

  24. I know that this is an d thread, but I’m very aware of what this psychopath has done!!! I assure you he is NOT innocent and he will get what is coming to him!!! Are any if you aware that he faked his own suicide? Who does that? You know you’re guilty of rape Jacy!!!
    I know 4 other girls who know this as well.
    He is a stalker and master manipulator.
    May you come to realize the damage you have done Jacy!!!

  25. You will get what’s coming to you Jacy! You know how many girls you have raped and manipulated and stalked!! The world will see through your lies. I promise you that. I’m aware of ALL that you have done. You are sick and twisted!

  26. I assure you Jacy is NOT innocent!!!
    He is a psychopathic liar and manipulator.

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