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Student health plan to cover sex reassignment

The change is part of a broader attempt to make U. policies more inclusive of transgender students

Senior Staff Writer
Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Brown is set to join a group of universities, including Cornell, Harvard, Stanford and Penn, that cover at least some sex reassignment surgeries.

The Brown Student Health Insurance Plan will cover 14 different sexual reassignment surgery procedures starting in August, Director of Insurance and Purchasing Services Jeanne Hebert confirmed in an email to The Herald.

The move makes Brown one of a handful of schools and healthcare providers nationwide to cover the surgeries.

“We identified this as an important benefit for students to have access to,” Hebert wrote, adding that the change was in line with “Brown’s efforts to support all students.” The coverage will be funded through renewal rates paid for next year’s student healthcare coverage, she wrote. In general, the total package of sexual reassignment surgeries, hormone therapy and other services can cost up to $50,000.

Kelly Garrett, LGBTQ Center coordinator, said she has strongly advocated this change for the past several years. A milestone in the movement to add coverage for these surgeries was the inclusion of hormone treatment in the current school year’s coverage plan, Garrett added. The sexual reassignment procedures that will be covered are “very standard and very comprehensive,” she said.

In the past, transgender students did not have access to sex reassignment surgeries at Brown and often were barred from treatment due to high costs, Garrett said. “I know people where it’s taken them 10 years because they needed to save money,” she said. The LGBTQ Center has no statistics on how many transgender students are at Brown, and it is difficult to get accurate data due to self-reporting and the nature of some students’ gender identity changes during their time in college, she said.

Though doctors have declared these surgeries medically necessary, insurance companies typically deem them cosmetic and exclude them from coverage across the United States, Garrett said. Meanwhile, without access to hormones and surgery, transgender people may “face discrimination” because others may not accept their gender identity and presentation, she said.

Noah Lupica ’16, a male-identified transgender student, said the change would be crucial for transgender students, especially given the high costs of the surgeries. “Like with anything, it depends on the person, but the fact that Brown is now offering these surgeries is life-saving for them,” he said.

Lupica went through the “first stage of surgery” in high school, which “in essence allowed me to come into myself,” he said. Though all transgender people are different, he said, the list of female-to-male procedures the University will now cover all of his needs.

Surgery in high school changed his life, Lupica said. “I feel free to go through life and not make that be my primary concern,” he said. “Cisgendered people, ordinarily most people, don’t even think about how limiting it can be to not feel comfortable in their own skin.” The term cisgender refers to people who identify with the gender associated with their biological sex.

Garrett said the coverage change could not have happened without the help of student advocacy, including from the student group GenderAction, a subgroup of the Queer Alliance. Members of Gender Action, a small group that meets with University officials to advocate for transgender issues, pressed for the change in insurance policy through letters to administrators, said Maddy Jennewein ’14, a member of the group.

“Brown has joined a pretty small group of colleges that give full benefits for trans students,” Jennewein said. Citing the fact that most health care plans across the country do not cover sexual reassignment surgeries, Jennewein added, “I think it’ll be a huge impact for trans students. … This is a really great opportunity for them.”

Universities that offer coverage for at least some sex reassignment surgeries as of 2012 include Cornell, Harvard, Stanford University and Penn, according to resources compiled by the Human Rights Campaign, an LGBT advocacy and lobbying organization.

The insurance policy changes are part of a broader effort to address University policies affecting transgender students, Garrett said. Other attempts to improve University policies, she added, include training people at Health Services and Psychological Services, creating and disseminating lists of gender-neutral bathrooms on campus and advocating for gender-neutral housing options for students.

“I think we have a great reputation as a liberal school that attracts a lot of different students,” Jennewein added. “I’m glad our student policies are now up to par with the student body.”

It has not yet been decided whether this coverage will be extended to the staff health insurance plan, Garrett said. “The insurance plans are completely separate, so we’re in the discussion,” she said.

For female-to-male surgeries, the new coverage plan will include “mastectomy, hysterectomy, salpingo-oophorectomy, vaginectomy, metoidioplasty, scrotoplasty, urethroplasty, placement of testicular prostheses (and) phalioplasty,” Hebert wrote. For male-to-female surgeries, coverage will include “orchiectomy, penectomy, vaginoplasty, clitoroplasty (and) labiaplasty.”


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  1. I would like to change to a Vulcan. Does Brown health plan cover for that? A Vulcan on campus would be a big statement for diversity at Brown. Live long and prosper.

  2. About time. Proud of my alma mater.

  3. In response to “I would like to change to a Vulcan. Does Brown health plan cover for that?”:

    This exhibition of bigotry is a indicative of extreme and blatant ignorance.

    The Brown health plan covers MEDICALLY NECESSARY procedures for all students who choose to enroll.

    “Medical necessity is a term common to health care coverage and insurance policies in the United States, and a common definition among insurers is:

    “[H]ealth care services that a Physician, exercising prudent clinical judgment, would provide to a patient for the purpose of preventing, evaluating, diagnosing or treating an illness, injury, disease or its symptoms, and that are: (a) in accordance with generally accepted standards of medical practice; (b) clinically appropriate, in terms of type, frequency, extent, site and duration, and considered effective for the patient’s illness, injury, or disease; and (c) not primarily for the convenience of the patient, physician, or other health care provider, and not more costly than an alternative service or sequence of services at least as likely to produce equivalent therapeutic or diagnostic results as to the diagnosis or treatment of that patient’s illness, injury or disease.” (

    All insurance works on the principle that those enrolled pay a premium fee and in turn, those medically necessary procedures which an individual requires to maintain their health and well being are covered. If you broke your arm, Brown insurance would cover the cost of having it x-rayed and re-set, if you have cancer, Brown insurance will cover the costs of chemotherapy, if for any reason, you feel the need for a therapist or psycho evaluation, Brown insurance will cover the cost, If you have diabetes (Type I or II) Brown insurance will cover the cost of insulin, If you are a deaf and would benefit from a hearing aid, Brown insurance will cover that cost, if you have Multiple Sclerosis, Brown insurance will cover the costs of pain relieving medication and therapy, if you get pregnant or impregnate someone (after a night of drunken hook-ups, or with your longterm significant other), Brown insurance will cover that abortion, if you get a concussion on the football, or lacrosse field, Brown insurance will provide coverage, if a female bodied students wants to begin birth-control, Brown insurance will cover the costs, if you have gender dysphoria (experiencing an incongruity between biology and gender identity, most often resulting in serious psychological distress), then Brown insurance will cover the costs of treatment.

    For any medically necessary procedure, Brown insurance will provide coverage to those enrolled. This does not mean everyone enrolled in Brown insurance will access coverage for all ills. There would be outrage if insurance plans had exclusionary clauses that denied coverage to cancer patients who need chemotherapy to Type I Juvenile Onset Diabetics who need insulin. Who are you to decide who deserves to live a whole and healthy life? Who are you to judge the validity of another’s condition?

    Judging from baseness of your comment, I can only assume that you are a cisgender individual who has never considered the seriousness of “the transgender experience,” in other words, what it’s like to go through life with a body that feels physically incorrect, but additionally inspires society to continuously view and treat you in a manner that is also incorrect.

    Imagine yourself starting to bleed when all you want is to experience your first erection. Now imagine yourself beginning to sprout facial hair when all you want is to ware a training bra like all of the other girls in your class.

    Now, let me tell you a little something about cisgender privilege:

    How often are you able to use public facilities such as gym locker rooms and store changing rooms without stares, fear, or anxiety?

    How often are you able to walk through the world and generally blend-in, without being stared at, whispered about, or laughed at because of your gender expression?

    How readily are you able to go to an emergency room if you need to without worrying that your gender identity or presentation will keep you from receiving appropriate care?

    If (heaven forbid) you were arrested, how often do you worry about if you would be sent to the right prison?

    My message to you is “think before you speak.” Brown’s decision to include this coverage is a testament to the strength of our community and the commitment we have made to equality and inclusion. Leave your hate in the Zed Lapis sector.

    • Actually, we try to kill ourselves because of ignorant a-holes like you who speak as if you actually know something, when in reality, you have no clue. We play with our hormonal profiles to keep ourselves FROM killing ourselves. Until you’ve lived your life with the wrong hormones, you have no clue how hard that is. As far as “God’s building blocks” are concerned, you would first need to believe in a “God” to think you’re messing around with anything more than a complex animal, evolved from less complex animals over the course of millions of years. Then you would have to realize that we do not to anything to our bodies to “fix” all of our problems, because one of the first things we learn during transition is that hormones, or surgery, don’t solve our problems, they just allow us to face the normal problems that others who are our gender face. For example, I assume you are a male. This means that you should not have breasts, but say you did, in the case of gynecosmatia. That is how your “God” made you, but I am sure your life would be a lot more difficult with a nice pair of C’s or DD’s under your shirt. Finding a mate who could accept your body would be more difficult. Being on a beach would be harder. Playing sports might hurt more. You would do anything to be like a normal guy, with a normal chest. Now imagine your healthcare paying for an operation to correct the problem, and some ignorant POS telling you that “this is how God made you and messing around with it is wrong.”

      Yeah, that’s how we feel when we see garbage like you wrote too…

      • “Wrong hormones”? You’ve made an emotional and mental choice to change your physical body. But that is not your biggest problem. It is not believing in God Almighty. It is ignorant of anyone to believe this universe and the existence of all living creatures ‘just happened’. The day will come when EVERY knee will bow and EVERY tongue will confess He is Lord of all. This includes, yes, even you. It just depends on which side of your last breath you experience Christ. If I wasn’t sure if there was a God, I certainly would want to err on the side of NOT going to hell. I have difficulty being around idiots on a day to day basis. I surely can’t imagine spending eternity with millions of them!

        • Ah, yes, that fallacy.

          What if there’s a god who only brings all the non-believers to heaven, and sends all the believers to hell? What then?

          Can YOU afford to err on the side of going to hell?

      • Nice pair of C’s or DD’s — uummm, good!!

      • Further to my response, there’s this 2008 study titled:

        Effects of perceived discrimination on mental health and mental health services utilization among gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons 2008

        “LGBT individuals experienced more major discrimination and reported worse mental health than heterosexuals, but discrimination did not account for this disparity. ”

        Sorry, you’re just like me. I was bullied in high school, with full salt shaker contents poured over my head, and all kinds of stupid stuff like that, done by idiots. I was already in a serotonin depression beforehand and I got out after one year of super intense cardio vascular exercise three times per week which heals, and rebalances the brain and hormones/receptors. ( zero pharma ) I recommend it to all, “healthy” or not.

    • Your bigotry against Vulcans will get your application to Star Fleet Academy denied.

    • OldSheepFarmer says:

      I read your definition of “MEDICALLY NECESSARY.” It appears you believe that feelings which are inconsistent with ones biological sex consitute an illness, injury, or disease. Why do you believe that transgender ‘feelings’ are more real than chromosomal reality? You suggest that cisgendered people, “Imagine yourself starting to bleed when all you want is to experience your first erection.” Imagination seems the operative concept here. After phalloplasty the ‘new’ penis is unable to get a natural erection, since it is not made of erectile tissue and its owner will still be trying to imagine their first erection.

  4. I work with trans women and let me tell you these ladies want their breasts! Why doesn’t this cover breast augmentation for trans women? And yay Brown- As a trans guy, I would be totally covered.

    • I was gonna say, I think for a lot of trans women having hair removal covered would be a bigger, more urgent deal than either top or bottom surgery. But for some reason these plans often jump all the way to the $20,000 surgery but don’t cover $1,000-$2,000 to let someone not be a girl with a beard… any idea if the surgery covers hair? The article doesn’t seem to make it clear either way.

  5. As an alumnus, this is completely ridiculous. If I were a student and was paying to subsidise this, I would be livid. This is political correctness and inclusiveness gone crazy, where people abuse the system in the name of “not discriminating”. Even based on what people in favour of this move have said, this is a purely cosmetic surgery (“you feel like you have the wrong hormones”, etc). It’s something you feel like, not something that’s necessary. This is no different from someone feeling like they want bigger boobs, or a nosejob, or any other cosmetic surgery.

    I’m sure there’s going to be a ton of people attacking this post, but as a Brown alumnus, I’m ashamed of how the university is using student money, to appease a minority who believe they have the right to change their gender as a necessary medical procedure, using money from other students.

    • Another Brown 09 says:

      You don’t fully understand the uses of the word ‘cosmetic’. This is not a question of insecurity or superficiality but of deep-seated self-alienation that according to some theories results from a biological mismatch between brain chemistry and genitalia. It would be more akin to covering a prosthesis for person who was born without ear cartilage, although even that is not a perfect analogy because this situation does not have perfect analogues.

    • it’s not political correctness.
      it’s correctness.

    • “a purely cosmetic surgery (‘you feel like you have the wrong hormones’, etc)”

      Before I respond to this, can you clarify, do you know what hormones are?

      “a minority who believe they have the right to change their gender as a necessary medical procedure”

      The AMA and the United States Tax Court also consider it medically necessary. (The APA issued a statement calling gender transition medically necessary but in the version of the statement I’m finding they don’t seem to make it clear if they consider surgery medically necessary).

      • Okay. I’m a current Brown student, I love gender equality and inclusiveness as much as the next phe, but I don’t think the issue here is the procedure itself, it’s that other students are paying for this procedure to happen. Even if the APA deems this a medical necessity, what make it so immediate and pressing that the entire Brown student body has to subside this during the 4 years we have at college? I think this is really just an issue of where our money is going. Also, like a lot of people, I’m worried some people might come to Brown to abuse this privilege (and on my dime).

  6. God help us. I guess this is what moral collapse looks like.

  7. scorekeeper says:

    “Cisgender privilege”

    Now if you were a white person of the female sex who gender identified as male and went to brown, would your male privilege and white privilege and social privilege cancel out a cisgendered black female student’s cisgender privilege? What if she also gets nosebleeds from time to time?

    I am just trying to keep score as all these privileges unintentionally inflicted are getting very confusing.

    • Let me help you:

      – Understand that all people are human beings
      – Treat all people with dignity
      – Respect who they are, and respect them as greater than any label or sum of labels
      – Speak to what you understand, listen when you do not

      And you have no need of scorebooks.

      • What I understand is that the same people who constantly whine about different forms of “privilege” are the ones who deal in labels in order that they might generalize to make calculations of their relative victimhood.

        • By the way, I think you have a bright future as a fortune cookie writer if you should wish to pursue it.

        • I have yet to see people behave in this manner. But perhaps you have seen more than me. Regardless, anyone behaving in such a manner is childish and pointless.

          Discussing how people thoughtlessly inflict harm on others, on the other hand, is anything but pointless. Do you realize it used to be considered normal to “give the wife a firm hand” to “put her in line?” That it used to be considered perfectly normal and acceptable that black people sat at the back of busses?

          The people who inflicted this treatment were awful, and yet equally damaging were the people who might have never done this PERSONALLY, but enabled it by blaming the victims for “making a scene.” “Why didn’t that [black woman] go to the back of the bus and sit down? Then there wouldn’t be all these riots!”

          Their unconscious privilege of not being constantly dehumanized translated into anger against those who “disturbed the status quo” and threatened their privilege.

          Sadly, some people have taken the wrong message from history. The message is not that “people in the past were terrible, but today in as little as 50 years we have evolved into an enlightened species that doesn’t do those things” but that people are capable of being vicious and cruel, and that the majority are more than willing to turn a blind eye, or lash out at the victims of cruelty for “asking for it.” If you consider yourself a “good man” (or woman) are you the sort that does nothing?

  8. It’s sad that Brown is neglecting to address the mental health needs of some of its students, and instead choosing to support self-mutilation. A person who feels trapped in the wrong body needs compassionate psychological or psychiatric care, not artificially created, insurance-provided genitalia. Gender is not a disease.

    Also, to compare a personal desire (“when all you want is to ware (sic) a training bra like all of the other girls in your class”) to conditions such as cancer and diabetes is a deep insult to people who suffer from those illnesses.

    • You’re going to find a very, very hard time finding an accredited psychologist/psychiatrist who will respond to a legally male person walking in and saying “I’m a woman” in any way except “all right, well let’s talk about that and see if we can put you on hormones”. The only pushback one is likely to see in that case even in a worst case scenario is “let me make sure you’re sure about this first”. In other words what actual psychologists will tell you, groups like the American Psychological Association and WPATH, is that if a person feels “trapped in the wrong body” the thing to do is take them seriously and help them fix their bodies.

      Actually here in California it’s illegal, for a state-certified psychologist or therapist to try to “reprogram” a transgender minor to be their legal gender. (Legal with adults.) Basically if you want to find someone who’ll give the kind of “care” I think you imagine would be given, you’re going to have to avoid psychologists and go to a church.

      “to compare a personal desire (“when all you want is to ware (sic) a training bra like all of the other girls in your class”) to conditions such as cancer and diabetes is a deep insult to people who suffer from those illnesses.”

      Well, for certain it’s frequently fatal. The suicide and attempted suicide rates among transgender people are staggering. It might be interesting to compare the death rates among transgender people to those among people with diabetes. Also like many diabetes patients we’re going to be on medicine for the rest of our lives. Really, the parallels to diabetes are pretty solid, we even go to see the same doctors…

  9. Your bigotry against Vulcans will get your application to Star Fleet Academy denied.

  10. This is really great news, sometimes I just wish they would loose the word “reassignment” and replace it with “Corrective” instead, especially because so many just as myself that we were corrected and not reassigned. As I have told the board of directors of the WPATH-SOC and as many of us have partitioned to the WHO (World Health Organization), as Transsexuals, ours is not a mental condition, but recognized in the medical field now as a precise hard wired medical condition from birth. I was internally a woman prior to surgery and after surgery I was still a woman who once needed correction. Thank You so much for the article. It’s great news reporting that helps the hearts of us all!

  11. Tucker Lieberman '02 says:

    This is reassuring news for Brown students, and it sets a good example for other institutions.

    I had the good fortune to have a necessary surgery between high school graduation and college matriculation in 1998. The cost was not covered by insurance. Had I not had the surgery, I would not have been able to focus on my studies, and I would not have thrived at Brown the way that I did. Quite possibly, I wouldn’t have been able or willing to attend school at all. My access to surgery gave me a sense of physical, psychological, and social normalcy that was a necessary foundation for me to embark on an intellectual career, moving on to think about things other than my gender. So, from personal experience, I can say that access to surgery makes a major difference in the lives of young people.

    While we’re talking about collective expenses to which we have moral objections, how about that trillion-dollar aggressive war against a country that didn’t attack us? The tax dollars that have been taken from my paychecks and diverted to war could have been used to pay for strangers’ medical expenses. In general, I would prefer that the contributions I put by default into collective pots be used for social goods like healthcare–even if that assistance is delivered through therapies whose purpose and function I don’t personally fully understand. We don’t all have to understand each other’s struggles perfectly to be willing to help each other.

  12. Rebennca Ly says:

    People are saying it is a mental issue or it is wrong to change ones gender.

    Here is my question.

    If you were born a male and raised as a female all of your life. Would you know that you are a male?


    The reason this is an issue is Society dictates what is right and what is wrong. What a male is and what a female is.

    I am Male to Female transgendered. I have tried to get past who or what I am and it does not work. I have done the therapy and talking to every person I could. Joined the military to hide from myself. It took me almost being killed serving our country and protecting people that will never accept me for who I am before. I knew I had to do something.

    It is proven that a male and a female have different brain wave patterns and other things. Most TG people fit with there identified gender in all of these ways.

    Also for a person to have surgery it take several years of therapy, recommendations and living in your identified gender. Before this can happen. So a person can not just walk into a doctors office and say they want to have a surgery It take more commitment and proof than most of you will learn going to college.

    I am Proud to Be a US NAVY DISABLED VET and TG.

    Now the US government and regular insurance needs to follow suit with this.

    The US is the only major country that does not allow transgender people to serve.

  13. This is awesome. I hope every student at Brown does this, so they can actually get a lesson in Econ 101. It has to be subsidized somehow. Liberals think money for these things just magically materializes out of thin air. Why not cover any other elective surgery too?

  14. light bearer says:

    Here is what was written centuries ago…. worth reading….”For although they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him. but became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened. Claiming to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images resembling mortal man and birds and animals and creeping things. Therefore God gave them up in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, to the dishonoring of their bodies among themselves, because they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather that the Creator, who is blessed forever! Amen, For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. For their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature; and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error. And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done…..” Your article and many of the reactions are the fulfillment of these truths…..

  15. There is a way which seems right to a man but the end thereof is death.

  16. I am sorry. I didn’t catch what you said. Would you mind repeating it?

  17. So if I feel like I was born white in a black body, I can get you to pay for my bleach?

  18. Anyone with an interest in looking at some factual information that the Trans societies will not give should read the book Paper Genders which is available on Amazon, and go to the website

    Our family has been living trans for almost 2 years with our young 20’s son who is believing the lies while he’s destroying his life. There is so much negative that the Trans try to cover up. It’s obsessive, degrading and unhealthy. The hormones in both m to f and f to m are unnatural and cancer causing. I belong a nationwide parent group of trans that isn’t part of the GLBT so we aren’t crammed full of the propaganda but we hear it from our kids and read it.

    In one parent’s story, her beautiful 20 yr old daughter is doing f to m, and her “supportive” doctor has no problem giving her the “sex-changing” testosterone, but warned her that if she does not have her female organs (double mastectomy and hysterectomy) electively removed within 3 years, she will almost certainly get cancer. I guarantee you that if one of Obama’s daughters wanted to do this, there would be shock and outrage in the White House.

    No amount of “cultural conditioning” forced on the rest of society will fix the inside of these trans people. Some may feel the euphoria of the hormones for a long time, but DNA is unchangeable and the mind has turmoil. Who can say that 30 years from now, those that are still alive will be happy and HEALTHY after surgeries? Lobotomies were formerly the “cure” for mental issues–what happened there?

    My son had 2 young trans friends commit suicide last year. It wasn’t because they didn’t have the hormones or the “support”; they did. But a lie is a lie no matter how you package it, and they took their lives because of it. The trans groups estimate the suicide rate, they don’t have all the numbers. Many who do trans have underlying, untreated mental issues and immaturity–our son does, but the only thing that is being addressed is to live trans because that is all he thinks is wrong, and no psychologist can argue with that. Our son says “fix my body, and my mind will be fine”–we know better. No psychologist dares to say, “Maybe it is something else.. or that won’t help”

    Ours is a kid who while working part-time retail for less than $10/hour, gets a “bank” to finance $2,000 of electrolysis, and buys glittery things he doesn’t need. He can’t afford to buy food, so he gets fired for stealing food, then defaults on the loan, ruins his credit, gets evicted and it just goes on… He doesn’t need any surgery to “fix” him. He isn’t unusual in that subculture, but what they will tell you is they are “discrimintated” against. No employer should have to hire him, no housing should have to take him, no one should have to feed him etc. He is where he is because of his choices. He doesn’t live at home, and he doesn’t get money from us, so he tells his trans friends, and anyone who will listen, that his family doesn’t love him, and rejects him because he is trans. We won’t enable his lifestyle is what we say.

    With trans, they all talk about wanting “choice”, everyone in society wants “choice”. If they want surgery, they should have their “choice”–what they won’t say is that they believe there is no choice if they think about stopping or reverting–there is no “choice” or chance to do that. Is it posible that someone who is regretting the trans “choice” but feels there is no going back chooses suicide?

    The obssession is fueled on the internet and there is a lot of misinformation being passed off as fact. We couldn’t believe how our son was living a fantasy on the internet (I’m not against the internet). He also joined the local GLBT and that was like a recruitment center. These groups are militant and the “small” percentage of them are very vocal. Despite the surgeries and the hormones and the “cheering” the rest of us are supposed to do, at the end of the tunnel are confused, mutilated, sad people. Families are heartbroken–ours is.

    Someone needs to say all the facts and stop being worried about being “politically correct”. Trans is also going to cost a fortune in both dollars and lives.

    • RogueGhost24 . says:

      One thing I’ve noticed about bigoted parents is that their fabricated theories never involve them blaming themselves. There is always a big rush to distance themselves from the transgender person and to blame everything on factors that won’t lead back to them. As long as we’re making up our reasons, what do you suppose makes you free of blame? He’s YOUR son after all.

  19. a sad day for Brown.
    There is no proof that sex reassignment improves the long term lives of transgenders. ( from a Swedish study in 2004)
    The so called transgender manifesto, wpath standards of care, for transgenders has never been based on any research or study into the treatments they advocate.( from the article APA dumps wpath soc )wpath says post op regret is so small that regrets are too few too mention and say nothing about the long term lives they ruined by advocating this controversial treatment.
    Another problem is most gender therapists push the sex change crap. what Brown should cover is unbiased psychological treatment. This is different from conversion therapy.
    so Brown students line up for your sex change. I would advise against it though. Unless you enjoy mutilating yourselves.

  20. Not having a private jet causes me severe emotional distress. Brown should subsidize the purchase of a G5 for me, and anyone else, who wants one.

  21. Institutions have no business getting into these kind of things…

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