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SAT looks to revamp in coming months

The College Board announced plans for long-term research to modify the SAT

Senior Staff Writer
Thursday, March 7, 2013

Changes to the standardized test aim to guarantee scores that reflect classroom instruction and make the test accessible to all students.

David Coleman, president of the College Board, announced plans for outreach in the coming months to “redesign the SAT so that it better meets the needs of students, schools and colleges at all levels” in a Feb. 25 email sent to College Board members including Jim Miller ’73 , dean of admission.

Coleman outlined three general initiatives that research teams would follow in the restructuring process to increase the test’s value: change the test’s content to emphasize knowledge relevant to future college work, ensure it adequately measures what admissions officers and other faculty members look for from college applicants and guarantee student test performance mirrors strong classroom instruction.

“An email specifically about redesigning the SAT is not done every year,” wrote the College Board communications team in an email to The Herald. Coleman became president of the College Board in October.

James Tilton, one of 12 members of the College Board Board of Trustees and director of financial aid at Brown, said one of his priorities as a member of the board is to make sure the SAT is accessible and equitable to all students.

“As a financial aid rep, I have an opportunity in the research process to be able to review, identify and make changes,” he said.


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