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Police searching for missing undergrad

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Monday, March 18, 2013

The Department of Public Safety and the Providence Police Department are searching for an undergraduate student who has been missing since Friday evening.

Sunil Tripathi, a member of the class of 2013 currently not enrolled in the University, was last seen at his residence at 204 Angell Street around 7:30 p.m. Friday, Deputy Chief of Police for DPS Paul Shanley wrote in an email to The Herald.

DPS and Providence Police were advised Sunday around 1 p.m. that Tripathi had gone missing, Shanley wrote. “We have been working with the Providence police in searching the area and assisting in any way we can to help locate Sunil Tripathi,” he wrote.

Tripathi, 22, was wearing “a black jacket, blue jeans and a Philadelphia Eagles cap,” according to an article posted Sunday evening. Tripathi weighs 130 pounds and is 6 feet 2 inches tall. He was “possibly depressed and left home without any of his belongings,” according to ABC.

Tripathi was “taking time off from Brown” and not attending classes at the time of his disappearance, said housemate Ryan Gladych ’13. Though Tripathi was rooming with Gladych and his housemates, he was independently subletting a room in the apartment and did not have close relationships with the other residents in the house, Gladych said.

Tripathi’s housemates were informed of his disappearance Sunday when police arrived to investigate in the afternoon, Gladych said.

Gladych said he and his housemates were unaware of the missing person’s report, but added they were concerned for Tripathi’s safety.

“Our thoughts are completely with Sunil,” Gladych said.

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  1. Lots of love to Sunil and his friends and family.

  2. Ramya Pratiwadi says:

    My prayers are with the Tripathi family.

  3. The guy is a terrorist…sorry.

    • LifeLongRepublican4Obama says:

      Actually he’s not, you’re an a hole tho.

    • Michael Mammen says:

      No z_West you are the ignorant one who believes what people spread on the internet without proper corroborating evidence.

  4. disqus_VmTmyR7rX1 says:

    Anonymous said…You all naming this poor guy Sunil is really wrong and shame on all of you especially,
    Kami Mattioli ” I went to high school with him, oh it looks like him, cnn are calling me!”. Please. Did you think of the hurt to the family and friends of this guy? And what about the guy himself. You all are racists, “they all look the same to me” his father said he is a quiet sweet guy who gets on with eveybody. I hope they sue all of you, and may all of you naming him have paIN AND HEART ACHE IN YOUR LIFES! KAMI MATTIOLI!

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