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Letter: UFB, Visions magazine both desire dialogue

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UFB Representatives-at-Large, Editor-in-Chief of Visions
Thursday, April 18, 2013

Even the most well-intentioned individuals can sometimes disagree and come into conflict. We at Brown are far too often siloed into our own corners of the campus and as such are unable to reach out and talk to one another.

This past week has been a lesson for everyone involved that constant and open dialogue is the key to fostering genuine understanding. Only when we sit down together at the table as peers and equally concerned students of the University will we be able to uncover the fact that each of us simply wants what is best for Brown.

As such, we at the Undergraduate Finance Board and Visions are committed to working together in the following year in constructing a framework for regular and meaningful communication between ourselves and other student groups. We understand that coming to an agreement on “what is best for Brown” will not be easy. This might take a while, but we are committed to trying at least.

We look forward to this future partnership.


Alex Sherry ’15, Leila Veerasamy ’15 and Larry Au ’14

UFB Representatives-at-Large, Editor-in-Chief of Visions

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