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Fire breaks out in Keeney room

Senior Staff Writer
Monday, April 22, 2013

A small fire broke out on the third floor of Jameson House in Keeney Quadrangle Monday evening, said Captain David Soscia of the Providence Fire Department.

The cause of the fire was unknown and was under investigation by the fire marshal at press time, said Margaret Klawunn, vice president for campus life and student services.

The fire was contained in one room, and the sprinkler system went off, Klawunn said.

No injuries were reported, but there was some “smoke and water damage,” Soscia said. The room’s window was also broken, with shards of glass and remnants of the window frame scattered in the quad below, damage that Klawunn said she assumed was a result of the fire.

Residents of the first, second and third floors of Jameson were advised to “stay with a friend” for the night as clean-up crews removed water that resulted from the sprinklers, Klawunn said, adding that the University would take inventory of items that were damaged.

Third floor Jameson resident Lucia Petty ’16 said she wasn’t in her room when the fire started but heard from other people a fire had broken out in the room across the hall from her. She was able to pick up some of her belongings and will be staying with friends “for the next couple of days,” she said.

“The entire floor was covered in water,” Petty said. “Anything on the floor is ruined.”


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  1. Stay with a friend? While I have no doubts as to the altruism of (most of) their fellow students, how is NOT the University’s responsibility to make sure that fire victims in a University dorm have a place to stay?

    • PS- dorm room fire inspections at Brown are a joke and everyone knows it. This proves there should be policy and procedure changes to ensure that they are not.

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