Editorial: Thank you for the music

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Last weekend, the Main Green was transformed into an oasis, where students could experience a few carefree days away from the pressures of outside jobs, school and other stressors. In order for us to enjoy this brief respite, security staff, administrators, student leaders, Brown Concert Agency members and Facilities Management and Dining Services staff put in countless hours. On behalf of all Brown students, we wish to acknowledge and thank these often unrecognized efforts.

The efforts of Brown’s Department of Public Safety were manifest during Spring Weekend. We enjoyed the concerts within a protective sphere lined with Brown policemen and other officials. Dealing with raucous students throughout the entirety of the weekend is certainly difficult, and we appreciate the enormity of their efforts.

The role of the administration is often poorly understood by students and only considered when controversy emerges. But the fact that we celebrated Spring Weekend right in front of University Hall underscores the level of respect and freedom we are given by administrators. Furthermore, many administrators and staff members — from Health Services, Residential Life and others — organized services that allowed students to remain healthy and provided options for those who wanted a tamer weekend. It would certainly be easier for University officials to be stricter and simply limit student autonomy. We appreciate the considerable effort that ensured that we were able to enjoy the weekend with built-in safeguards for our safety and well-being.

Many students also took time during Spring Weekend to ensure the health of their peers, specifically underclassmen. Residential Peer Leaders and Community Assistants took shifts throughout the weekend to patrol first-year residence halls and prevent any accidents. This service is essential to the well-being of the community and ensures that those new to Brown and most vulnerable to harm are given even more support. Additionally, students who work for Emergency Medical Services took 12-hour shifts during which they made themselves available to provide medical treatment if need be. These students, who took time away from their own enjoyment to help others, deserve commendation.

Students who work for BCA are often the brunt of antipathy from the student body, but they deserve more credit. While, once again, there were problems with ticket sales, this was due to a problem outside of BCA’s control and was rectified very quickly. The two concert nights went off smoothly, with few problems arising. Such a feat required significant effort not only over the weekend but also throughout the year.

Finally, we should thank Facilities Management and Dining Services staff members for their significant efforts throughout the weekend. Dining Services worked on Saturday night to provide for Fratty in the Ratty, and Facilities Management staff members cleaned the many messes that students made throughout campus. The Main Green would certainly have been in a state of disrepair if not for their efforts. Amidst our enjoyment of Spring Weekend, we can sometimes appear out of touch with those who worked very hard for us to experience a few days of carefree fun. On behalf of the entire student body, we wish to express our appreciation.


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  1. correction says:

    RPLs = RCs, WPCs, MPCs, CAs
    They were in all residence halls, not just first year

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