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Suspect arrested for assaulting undergrad

The student, who is in critical condition, received 'severe head injuries' after an encounter at Thayer and George

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Monday, May 13, 2013

A suspect is now in custody for the assault of a male sophomore on campus early Sunday morning, said Deputy Police Chief Thomas Oates III. The student has since remained in critical condition at Rhode Island Hospital.

Connecticut police arrested suspect Tory Lussier at his house in Vernon, Conn. Wednesday, WPRI reported.

Law enforcement officials announced Friday that Dillon Ingham ’14 has been charged with disorderly conduct in connection with the disturbance, the Boston Globe reported. Police declined to discuss the extent of Ingham’s alleged involvement, the Globe reported.

Lussier, a member of the U.S. Marine Reserves, appeared in Providence District Court Friday and was released on bail, the Globe reported.

Rhode Island Special Assistant Attorney General Charles Calenda said the assault was unprovoked, but John Lombardi, Lussier’s attorney, said his client was acting in self-defense, the Globe reported.

Lombardi said Lussier was trying to protect another Marine from being beaten at the crime scene, New England Cable News reported Thursday. Lussier was visiting fellow Marines in Providence at the time of the assault, Lombardi said.

Officials have scheduled a pretrial hearing July 22, the Globe reported.

Lussier is also currently facing charges in Connecticut of breach of peace, second-degree assault and second-degree assault of an elderly person after being arrested in Vernon in September, the Globe reported. Connecticut police charged him with beating two individuals, one of whom — who was 68 years old — allegedly lost consciousness, NECN reported.

The student was talking with two other people — one male and one female — at the corner of George and Thayer streets when he was approached by another male who punched him in the face, Oates said. The student fell to the ground from the blow, receiving “severe head injuries” as a result, Oates said.

PPD dispatched officers to the corner of George and Thayer at 2:25 a.m. after receiving a call from DPS officers about the reported assault, Oates said.

He added that a DPS officer was at the scene when the Providence Police officers arrived. Emergency Medical Services then transported the student to Rhode Island Hospital, Oates said.

Though the student remains in critical condition, he has “somewhat improved” since arriving at the hospital, Oates said, adding that he was unsure how long the student will have to remain in the trauma and intensive care unit.

The victim’s family has asked Rhode Island Hospital to refrain from providing further updates on his condition, said Director of Media Relations Gail Carvelli.

“University officials have reached out to the student and the student’s family to offer support, and our thoughts remain with them during this time,” Vice President for Public Affairs and University Relations Marisa Quinn wrote in an email to The Herald.

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  1. Chad '13 says:

    I saw a news truck on Thayer that was reporting on this earlier today. Hope the kid’s ok. Do we know if this was some kind of random occurrence, or did they know each other?

  2. flathead says:

    where is the description of the perp?

  3. Good job covering up the true nature of the assault. The NY Times would be proud of you.

  4. Same thing happened to my son in Durham NH and along with being sucker punched unconscious, his leg was broken as well. Derelicts got away before police arrived.

  5. This is the second time this thug has been arrested in a year for violent assault. Great job, justice system!

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