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New details on student assault emerge

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Nearly a month after an assault on campus left a male then-sophomore in critical condition, the student is now medically stable but faces lingering problems, Providence Police Detective Commander Michael Correia told The Herald.

The student was assaulted in the early morning of May 12 at the corner of George and Thayer streets, sustaining serious injuries when he was punched in the face and hit his head as he fell to the ground. Connecticut police arrested suspect Tory Lussier May 15, and Providence police charged Dillon Ingham ’14 with disorderly conduct later that week.

The Herald is not releasing the assaulted student’s name due to his family’s wishes to protect his privacy.

Correia said he thinks the student “is improving but still has some medical issues” butdeclined to go into further specifics.

A pretrial hearing on the felony charges facing Lussier and Ingham will be held July 22, The Herald previously reported.

“It’s our understanding from talking to witnesses that the initial altercation was started by Ingham,” Correia said.

Police believe Ingham, the assaulted student and several other Brown students were walking down Thayer toward George when they crossed paths with a group of individuals that included Lussier, Correia said.

Witnesses told police that Ingham made a provocative comment about the tattoo of a male member of Lussier’s group, prompting a verbal altercation that escalated into physical violence, Correia said. In the ensuing fight, Ingham dealt “substantial” injuries to two individuals standing with Lussier, one of whom, Joseph Lyan, fractured his cheekbone, Correia added.

The physical altercation seemed to have subsided when both parties began to disperse at the corner of Thayer and George, Correia said, but then Lussier allegedly approached the male victim and struck him. Police do not believe the victim was “an active participant” in the disturbance preceding his assault, Correia added.

Editor’s note: Due to an editing error, a previous version of this story named the assaulted student. The name has since been removed.



  1. Nice work not divulging the victim’s name. No one reads down to the 7th paragraph these days anyway.

  2. In all honesty, this guy needs an intervention/diversion program, NO JAIL TIME, he needs to be mandated to counseling and anger management. After reading about him, i found out he was a marine that spent time in Afghanistan. This may be a case of PTSD and the best possible outcome would be counseling, probation, and lots of community service hours to ensure he learned his lesson!

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