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U. considers naming interim dean of the College

An announcement about the search for Bergeron’s successor might be made within the next two weeks

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The University may name an interim replacement for Dean of the College Katherine Bergeron while a search committee looks for her long-term successor, Provost Mark Schlissel P’15 and UCS President Todd Harris ’14.5 confirmed.

The announcement of an interim dean of the College could come within the next two weeks, Schlissel said.

“I’m hoping later this month to be able to put out an announcement discussing the search committee, the search process, the notion of whether we’ll need an interim, and perhaps even who that would be,” Schlissel said. “But it won’t happen until at least next week or the week after.”

Harris said he did not know when an announcement regarding an interim dean would be made but said he was in the process of scheduling a meeting this week with Schlissel and UCS Vice President Sam Gilman ’15 to discuss the position and the search process.

Gilman said his knowledge of the possibility that an interim dean of the College could be chosen was limited.

“We’re going to try to find out information as soon as possible, but we don’t really have anything right now,” he said.

When Professor of English Paul Armstrong announced he would step down as dean of the College in January 2006, the University had almost six months to find his replacement. Former Provost Robert Zimmer told The Herald at the time that finding Armstrong’s replacement by June 30 was an “ambitious timeline.” Despite the time pressure, Bergeron assumed the dean of College position July 1 of that year, The Herald previously reported.

With the August announcement that Bergeron will assume the presidency at Connecticut College on Jan. 1, the University would have to work on an even tighter deadline if it were to have a long-term successor in place by the time of her departure.

Brown is not the only university currently searching for a new dean of the college. Following the resignation of former dean Evelynn Hammonds, Harvard is also looking for someone to fill the position.

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