City opens overnight parking passes to local students

Residents may fill out a petititon to have parking banned on their street overnight

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Main streets such as Thayer, Waterman, Wickenden, Gano and Hope streets are not included in the new offer, and still ban overnight parking.

Providence has amended overnight parking regulations to allow students who attend college in the city to purchase annual overnight parking passes for $200. Parking passes for residents are $100.

Previously, only cars registered in Providence were eligible for overnight parking passes. Until 2012, all overnight parking in the city was banned.

Students with a parking pass may also purchase a $25 guest pass — which can be used five times a month — to allow visitors to park on the street at night.

Residents of a particular street can sign a petition to opt out of overnight parking on their street, according the new regulations.

On College Hill, residents of Benevolent Street have opted out. But overnight parking is allowed on most other streets in the area except for several major streets such as Waterman, Hope, Gano, Wickenden and parts of Thayer, according to a map available on the city’s website.

Nadia Hannan ’14 said she would be interested in buying a pass if the streets near where she lives allow overnight parking, adding that she currently pays more to park at someone else’s house than she would if she purchases a pass. Most students she knows who have cars park in spots adjacent to their off-campus houses, she said.

Nihaal Mehta ’14, who sometimes drives a car to the College Hill area from out of town, said the parking pass does not appeal to him because he only parks his car on the street for one or two nights at a time.

“I definitely wouldn’t consider that because it’s more than the price of getting eight tickets,” he said, adding that he usually parks in a friend’s driveway. But buying an overnight parking pass would make a lot of sense for students who live off campus and do not have their own parking spots, he added.

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