Nudity in the Upspace: Reflections

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

After this year’s Nudity in the Upspace events caused a stir in both the Brown community and national media, we sat down to talk with event coordinators Gabi Sclafani and Camila Pacheco-Flores about the origins and intent of the program.

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  1. email for tickets for Sunday at 7 and 11 of the reprise performance!

  2. No, nut sluts. But flaky, and not even original. (You guys copied Harvard, and are behind them by so many years.) And, that ring on the eyebrow and that ring on the nose…..please!

  3. TheRationale says:

    This was just an inarticulate jumble of sciolistic nonsense. You have 4 short years at a world class institution. What a waste.

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