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Students stay at U. after lack of indictment

Two of three students connected to alleged November sexual assault continue to be enrolled in classes

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Two of the three Brown undergraduates connected with allegedly committing a sexual assault of a female Providence College student last November remain enrolled at Brown and are on campus this semester, while the third has decided to withdraw from the University, the Providence Journal reported last week.

A grand jury chose not to indict two of the students last month after hearing the case, so they will not face criminal charges, The Herald previously reported. The third student, who is still a member of the football team, was not included in the grand jury investigation. The other two were on the football team but are no longer on the roster.

The three students exchanged a series of text messages that Providence police discovered after obtaining the students’ cellphone records through a search warrant. The messages revealed the involvement of the third Brown undergraduate. One message mentioned him “raping” the Providence College student.

The University is now undertaking its own investigation into the alleged incident as part of its responsibilities under federal Title IX legislation, the Journal reported.

The U.S. Department of Education initiated an investigation of the University in July for possible Title IX violations related to sexual assault, making Brown one of 68 colleges and universities currently facing a federal inquiry of this nature.

“We take seriously any allegation of sexual assault, and have fair and equitable policies and procedures in place that provide for taking action on the best information available to ensure the safety of all students and visitors,” Marisa Quinn, vice president for public affairs and University relations, wrote in an email to The Herald.

“We are working to ensure that Brown is a leader in adopting recommended best practices to address often very difficult and complex situations when they happen.”

The University does not have access to records from the grand jury investigation, Quinn added.

“It bothers me that after the grand jury has spoken that any further inquiry is necessary,” Artin Coloian, a lawyer for one of the Brown students, told the Journal. “Any parent whose son or daughter is accused of something like this or is the alleged victim of something like this I’m sure would much rather have it adjudicated by the courts and law enforcement than an academic body.”


A previous version of this article’s lede incorrectly described all three Brown undergraduates as having been investigated for the alleged sexual assault. In fact, two were investigated and the third was connected in police records.


  1. Rapists would choose Brown University as the place to do their crimes, because Brown deans are such a bunch of idiots.

  2. Recent aluma says:

    Providence Journal and local TV coverage is putting the BDH to shame on this. The Providence College female student told police that she had consumed a drink which, from its effect on her, may have contained a date-rape drug. She was then carried to a vehicle by two Brown freshmen football payers, one of whom she had known for years, driven to a Brown dormitory, raped, photographed during the rape, the photo being uploaded to the internet by the Brown “student athletes.” Grotesque. The cellphone text messages have been published in the Providence Journal with the name of the third player redacted (August 26, “Brown University football players joked about ‘raping’ woman”). Their teammate’s sex act with the apparently drugged student is described in the text message: “LML YO LIKE CLASSIC [name of football player] THO. NO INVITE JUST WALKS IN AND STARTS RAPING HER.” Meanwhile, the University, whose long delay in suspending the football players drew national attention last spring, continues its delaying tactics, and spokesperson Marisa Quinn reads from a script that by now she must know by heart. Shame on her. If Brown weren’t such a shabby place, ever fearful of lawsuits, ever hypocritical, it would by now have expelled these arrogant jocks. It has all the information it needs to take a summary, unilateral, honorable action–just like in the olden days: There is an internet photo, there are the court documents that include ineradicable digital text, there are the search warrants and police evidence filings that the Providence Journal, WPRI, and WJAR have obtained. And there is the heartbreaking testimony of the victim. Why is Brown disgracefully dragging its heels? Why is the BDH completely incurious about this (in contrast to its overkill coverage of the Lena Sclove affair last year)?

    • It’s likely because Lena probably had a friend in the BDH or someone had a bone to pick with her accused, while the Providence College victim does not have friends in the BDH.

    • Completely agree. What ever happened to the internal investigation? What ever happened to the two remaining going before the disciplinary board about student misconduct? Why won’t Brown answer that question. For all the reasons stated above, they needs to be at least some type of consequence one would think!

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