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Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture Roundup: Sept. 12, 2014

Arts & Culture Editor
Friday, September 12, 2014

Shmattes | Brown/RISD Hillel Gallery 

Each of the over 100 t-shirts in this collection, curated from diverse sources by Anne Grant, bears a witty slogan or pun related to Judaism. The playful, sometimes irreverent nature of the t-shirts examines how Jewish identity has expanded beyond the parameters of religion and is interwoven with the fabric of contemporary American culture. The collection will be on display through Sept. 28.


Memories in Glass | Providence Art Club

Local artist and teacher Alice Benvie Gebhert, whose work in kiln-fired fused glass has appeared in exhibits across New England, creates distinctive collage-like pieces through the process of cutting, layering and melting her materials. Focusing primarily on scenes from nature, her products’ dreamlike experiments with color, depth and clarity render them at once ethereal and familiar. The exhibition runs until Sept. 26.


Summer Tides | Bert Gallery

Drawing from a wide spectrum of artistic styles and time periods — including the early 20th-century work of Elijah Baxter, who founded the Newport Art Association — the scenes of ramshackle ports, quiet seasides and bustling villages featured in “Summer Tides” capture a nuanced nostalgia for the simplicity and vibrancy of summer. It is on display until Sept. 26.


ShrineBeast | Yellow Peril Gallery

Mixed-media artist Andrew Paul Woolbright, who graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design last year, presents an avant-garde exploration of romantic love and its power to alter interpretations of the past. Integrated elements of botany, mythology and technology craft a surreal personal and political narrative inspired by Woolbright’s marriage. The exhibition appears until Oct. 5.

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