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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Greek Council aims to create safe space

Monday, January 19, 2015

To the Editor:

The Brown University Greek Council supports the University’s efforts to promote a safer environment on Brown’s campus, and we acknowledge that, as we move forward, the Greek community must continue to evolve to further this goal. Throughout the past semester our new Greek Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Policy Task Force held discussions on changes we as a community can make, and we are looking forward to taking action steps toward a more positive atmosphere in the upcoming semester and beyond. We are committed to working with the administration and the greater Brown community to address the serious issues that we as a community are facing. We aim for the Greek community to be a safe space where not only our own members thrive, but also members of the Brown community and the Providence community can benefit as well.


Greek Council

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  1. Jonathan Jensen says:

    Drug and rape people. Then write in BDH about creating safe space. You are brilliant. That will work, because Paxson wants very badly to be fooled.

    • You do realize that the Greek system is much larger than the two fraternities that were sanctioned, correct?

      • Turkish Slave says:

        Yeah let’s keep them all around for YOUR posterity. What other considerations could there possibly be? I am with you 100%.

        • You’re right. We should just get rid of brown. We’re just keeping it for our posterity. What other considerations could there possibly be?

    • Jonathan Jensen — there actually is rather solid proof that no one at Phi Kappa Psi was actually drugged, as the toxicology tests from the night in question showed one of the women to have NOT been drugged at all; her test came back negative to having GHB. Since the two women shared one and only one drink at the fraternity, this makes it all but impossible that the GHB drugging actually occurred at the fraternity. Furthermore, the sexual assault associated with the one positive GHB test from the night in question occurred outside of Phi Kappa Psi, and the perpetrator was NOT a Phi Psi nor anyone associated with the fraternity.

      Please, go ahead and make false accusations but know that your post is based on bias not facts, and your tone is disrespectful to say the least. Surely a Brown student can do better than this.

      • Break a rule. Then argue like hell with all accusations. They are still arguments after a rule is broken. But, Brown students are entitled to break a few rules once in a while, right? Comments about rule breaking are disrespectful. But rule breaking itself is not, especially now that we have written a BDH article about creating safe space. Great education at Brown. Congratulations!

        • Do some research and read more carefully. Both houses pleaded guilty to breaking the rules against unregistered parties and serving alcohol to those under 21. But there is no proof any rule was broken regarding drugging (in Phi Psi’s case, real evidence points to no drugging there at all) or a sexual assault (for both). The arguments are against the accusations and sentencing for assaults that really had nothing to do with the fraternities.

          Underage students will drink, period. I for one would rather it on campus where it actually is safer. These punishments are for the media and insurance companies, not for real justice. And the admins know this.

          Trying to cut down sexual assaults? As they say in soccer, this is the university scoring an “own goal”.

          • Jantor von Radtor says:

            So we are creating safe space. And then we say that safe space cannot be created after all. But whatever, the BDH article is already written, to feign remorse. So what is the big deal, right? Let’s congratulate ourselves again. We are such brilliant young people that these dumb-arsed “own goal” Brown University administrators just could not keep up, even if they tried.

        • I didn’t realize the punishment for throwing an unregistered party with alcohol was a 4 year suspension.

          • It is reckless endangerment. 4 years is too short. Go ahead. Argue.

          • I didn’t realize people belonging to an organization having friends over for drinks without letting the university know was reckless endangerment. Surely other groups do this too, where is their punishment? What student group was present at the party Lena sclove attended the night she was raped?

          • You pick and choose details you want to argue about. Safety is a reason the rules are there that those 2 frats broke. They are not required to like the rules. You are not required to like the rules. You are entitled to argue like babies. But at some point, grow up, and suck it up.

  2. Stand up Greek Council. Two of your houses have been unfairly punished (in terms of charge and sentencing) by the university when all they really are guilty of is having unregistered “parties” where alcohol was served to those under 21. In one case, there seems to have been no drugging and definitely no sexual assault. In the other, one person at the party did a terrible thing to another but hardly worthy of a year and a half ban. Ironically, the administration prefers drinking on campus because it limits the risk of students traveling to get alcohol, and thus run-ins with the Providence locals and the police force.

    I know you are in a tough place, but this is an administration that wants the world to see it is acting against the issue of sexual assaults, and Greeks are the easiest targets.

    There were sexual assaults at Sex Power God in the past, but did the administration act this way and ban the Queer Alliance? There were drinking issues among people under 21 at Campus Dance, but does the administration punish the sponsors, the Brown Club of Rhode Island? No – and that is the hypocrisy of this whole situation.

    Greeks, you are being made scapegoats and soon none of you will be recognized by the university or on Wriston if the administration has its way. I applaud your note if it means real action, but do not let more houses fall… in fact, you should fight for those that already, illegitimately have.

    • Yep, and similarly, you know that going forward – this new ban on alcohol at unregistered events in residence halls will not be enforced unilaterally. How many people not in Greek houses are going to get in trouble for drinking beer while watching the super bowl with friends? That’s an unregistered event with alcohol service right there.

  3. NotAmusedInReality says:

    “Hey Paxson, I found another great idea buried in my rectum!”
    “Hit me, Klawunn!”
    “Let’s punish a whole bunch of people for %$&# they didn’t do!”
    “Fantastic! See, this is why Brown hired you. Good work!”

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