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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Phi Psi says no member spiked drink

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

To the Editor:

Sexual assault has no place on our campus, and our hearts are with all survivors of sexual violence. Phi Kappa Psi does not condone the illegal possession, use or sale of drugs and supports the University’s efforts to ensure that students are not put at risk. Very serious questions arising from emerging scientific evidence remain about whether or not either of the women ingested GHB, and for these reasons, Phi Kappa Psi continues to believe that no member served a spiked drink to either of the young women. The University has acknowledged the implications of these developments, and the issue remains unresolved and continues to be subject to a thorough review by the University. We are committed to a just investigation and the implementation of policies that work to make our community a safer place for all.

The Brothers of Phi Kappa Psi

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  1. Non Greek Supporter says:

    Thank you. You may want to state your case in ever clearer terms so all know the truth. One of the women tested negative for GHB ingestion. The lab test which the administration has and recognizes proves this. If the two women in question shared one and only one drink, then there really is not a physical way for that drink to have been spiked with GHB. The one who did test positive likely would have been drugged after she left your fraternity.

    You pleaded guilty for holding an unregistered event and serving alcohol to underage people – good for admitting that violation. But by all proper accounts and evidence – and not hearsay – you and no one in your house are not guilty of having illegal drugs or directly causing a sexual assault to occur.

    The administration is in disgrace right now. I and others hope you continue to fight to clear your name and reduce the sentence, for the sake of what is true.

    • Non Greek Supporter says:

      The above should say you and those in your house are not guilty of having illegal drugs or directly causing a sexual assault. Sorry for the typo.

  2. #notanyofourmen

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