Athlete of the week: Elvin ’17 breaks 10-game losing streak with impressive performance

Sophomore’s 47-save effort sets new career high in Bruno’s second conference win

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Friday, January 30, 2015

In the middle of a tough losing streak, the women’s hockey team was in desperate need of a breakout performance, and Monica Elvin ’17 certainly played the part. In last weekend’s home victory over Yale, Elvin delivered a stellar performance in net, stonewalling 47 of the 49 shots that came her way.

It was a new career high for the sophomore goalie, who also stopped a penalty shot in the second period. Elvin will be a cornerstone of the team in the years to come, as it tries to work its way into the upper echelons of the ECAC. For her career-best performance and game-saving efforts, Elvin has been named The Herald’s athlete of the week.

Herald: How did you first get into playing hockey? Especially in Oakland, where hockey isn’t the most popular of sports.

Elvin: Well, my older brother played hockey as a kid, and I always wanted to follow in his footsteps, so when his club needed a peewee goalie, it just started out from there. He coached me from nine years old. There is a rink in Oakland, but, you’re right, the area is not well-known for hockey. Northern California in general is not huge in hockey. You do have to travel a bit of a ways. There were years when we had to travel two hours just to get to my home rink. But it always worked out, and I’d say it was worth it. I mean, it got me here.

Why did you choose to come play hockey here at Brown?

Well, I was approached by a coach who used to work here. She saw me at a goalie clinic and expressed interest. At that point I had been playing boys’ hockey all growing up, so I wasn’t in the college process. I didn’t have a lot of people looking at me. So I was really excited to have the opportunity to possibly come here, and I jumped on it as soon as I could.

What does it mean to you and the team to get a win against an Ivy League opponent like Yale to break a tough losing skid?

It was huge for us. I think it couldn’t have come at a better time. We’ve just been working so hard and having close games and fighting but not getting that win. So it was really big to have it happen in a league game, especially against Yale, which I feel is a bit of a rivalry. They were talking a lot of stuff before the game as well, so it was nice to throw it back at them.

What was the first thing you thought of when Janice Yang ’15 scored that game winner?

Luckily nobody looks at me when we score because I go a little nuts. But I was just relieved, and when I took my first breath, I was just so happy for the team, and for Janice, especially her being a senior and coming up big like that.

If you played any other sport what would it be?

I played tennis with my brother when I was growing up, so I feel like I could do tennis. For a goalie, it’s kind of the same quick lateral movements. It’s also more of a Californian sport.

What is your favorite on-campus eatery?

Well I live next to the V-Dub, so for proximity’s sake I’d have to go V-Dub. And it’s right next to the rink, so I never really have to walk more than 10 yards.

What did you do during the snow day on Tuesday?

My friends and I went trash bag sledding. I live with a Canadian so she knew all about it — it’s definitely in her element. She showed me the ropes.

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