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UC Irvine vetoes campus ban on American flags

University News Editor
Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Leaders of the Associated Students of the University of California at Irvine met Saturday to veto resolution R50-70, a motion to ban the American flag on campus, NBC Los Angeles and CBS Los Angeles reported.

In a six-to-four vote Thursday, with two abstaining, the group’s general body passed a resolution written by Matthew Guevara stating that the presence of the flag creates “paradigms of conformity and sets homogenized standards for others to obtain which, in this country, typically are idolized as freedom, equality and democracy.” ASUCI President Reza Zomorrodian expressed opposition to the vote despite its passing.

An administrative post on the school’s website stated that the legislation passed by the student council did not reflect the views of campus leaders or the university and that “the American flag is still proudly flying throughout our campus and will continue to do so,” NBC reported.


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  1. Wouter Dito says:

    How about flying the flag of every country with a student taking a seat away from an American citizen at this public university campus? A lot of flags!

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