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Editors’ note: The Herald’s new website

Monday, March 16, 2015

Today, we’re proud to bring you a revamped Brown Daily Herald website, which boasts a sleeker design and new features geared toward enhancing the reader experience. As more readers engage with our work online, this redesign will make our site more user-friendly and conducive to reading and sharing our content.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll see:

Cleaner design: The new website includes more white space, beginning with the header, where a two-tone brown block has been replaced with a slimmed-down white banner bearing The Herald’s print masthead. The same principle has been applied to our homepage, where a black featured news carousel has been eliminated to match the white-and-brown color scheme of the rest of our site.

Overhauled article pages: There are now more opportunities to engage with and share content directly from article pages. A top stories bar appears at the top of each article, making it simple to find the day’s biggest news and best stories. A new widget to the right of articles also connects you to other content that may interest you. To make sharing easy, we have included Facebook and Twitter buttons along the left side of articles that move with you as you scroll. A larger font size should also improve the reading experience.

Flexible homepage: Our new homepage allows us greater flexibility in presenting readers with the biggest news. The previous design precluded us from showcasing stories without photos, including many breaking news stories, at the top of our homepage. Now we will be able to feature stories with and without visuals.

These are just some of the changes you’ll see on our new website. We hope you will discover others, like the ease with which you can now subscribe to our two newsletters, over time as you use the new site.

We would like to thank the individuals who made The Herald’s new online presence possible: Web Producers Joe Stein ’16.5 and Harsha Yeddanapudy ’17, who executed the bulk of the technical work, and Editor-in-Chief and President Michael Dubin ’16, who designed the site and kept the project on track. Web team members Felege Gebru ’17, Andrew Osgood ’17, Will Truong ’17 and Abdullah Yousoufi ’17 also contributed to the site in significant ways. Their hard work is greatly appreciated.

If you want to be a part of The Herald’s web development and digital efforts, we’re looking to expand our staff of developers and designers for next semester. Please email us at web@browndailyherald.com if you’re interested. No prior experience is necessary.

Lastly, our work on the site is not done. We have a couple projects in the pipeline that we’re excited to roll out in the coming days and weeks. We welcome and look forward to your feedback. Feel free to email herald@browndailyherald.com or leave a comment below with your thoughts about the new site.

Editors’ notes are written by The Herald’s 125th Editorial Board: Michael Dubin ’16, Maxine Joselow ’16, Kiki Barnes ’16, Jillian Lanney ’16, Camilla Brandfield-Harvey ’15.5, Isobel Heck ’16 and Molly Schulson ’16.

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  1. ivan kalchen says:

    If i was asked how it’s going on in the working out department with web development and techs there would be no answer because if you have in mind how the things turned out to be no one would like to do something differend and something that is not on it’s mind. Everyone and even the SK Techs and http://modernweb.com are confirming it.

    My opinion of course.

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