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Letter: Physical evidence not immune to power

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

To the Editor:

In reference to your editorial, I want to clarify that my position, like yours, is that survivors should seek justice and get rape kits done and allow testing for date-rape drugs. Of course, this is only if they feel comfortable doing so, for the police can often traumatize survivors further, and I in no way mean to be prescriptive about any sort of universal healing process.

I brought up the issue of date-rape drugs in my speech (which apparently some found hard to follow) to examine a more nuanced, post-structuralist argument concerning the nature of truth. My point is that all objective and scientific evidence is vulnerable to being dismantled and dismissed by those who have the balance of power in their favor. Recent articles in The Herald suggest that others have the same worry.

Emma Sulkowicz

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  1. If you don’t feel comfortable getting a rape kit done or going through the actual justice system, you do not get to invent your own “post-structuralist” version of truth. Unless, of course, you want a “post-structuralist” version of justice, guilt, and innocence, which everyone knows isn’t the case. Speaking of power, it is college students alone who have the power to conjure up extra-judicial hearings. And then they complain about conflicts of interest!

  2. If people don’t understand me, it’s because my argument is too “nuanced” for them to follow. To make my point clear, I’ll call it “post-structuralist”, which makes them look even dumber. If they dare to disagree with me, I’ll call them rape apologists and stage myself as a victim once more.

  3. ShadrachSmith says:

    The man Sokowhatever victimized is now suing Columbia for defamation of character. I hope he gets a bundle. It is time men started fighting back against the – truth doesn’t matter – agitprop of the feminist Social Justice Warriors.

  4. e=mc2 is a sexist, privileged equation.
    fluid dynamics is the poor child of physics because it’s like eating p****y

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