Editors' Note

Editors’ Note

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Today’s issue marks The Herald’s final print edition of the semester. The Herald will publish breaking news updates online during reading period, finals and the summer, and regular publication will resume Sept. 8.

Thank you for reading.

Editors’ notes are written by The Herald’s 125th Editorial Board: Michael Dubin ’16, Maxine Joselow ’16, Kiki Barnes ’16, Jillian Lanney ’16, Camilla Brandfield-Harvey ’15.5, Isobel Heck ’16 and Molly Schulson ’16.


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  1. ShadrachSmith says:

    The most important story you missed

    Federal control of local police

    Race riots are part of Obama’s political theater to empower the usual suspects to gruber data into the desired conclusion that every local police department must have a federal political officer with the ability to relieve the local commander on the spot. All good Social Justice Warriors will accept and empower that already scripted conclusion as revealed truth. And if you disagree, you are intentionally requiring the high moral duty of Social Justice Warriors to crush you like a squirrel in the road, because…Justice.

    For good and sufficient reasons the founders had different objectives. The history of the doctrine of posse comitatus covers all the arguments on both sides. Federalist 10 explains Madison’s reasons for favoring local control.

    Obama doesn’t care much for Madison’s theories recommending local control of the government’s use of force as a check on federal power, and we are all watching Obama’s PR campaign to federalize the command of the local police. Some support Obama, some oppose Obama, and most haven’t a clue why all this is happening.

    Interesting situation 🙂

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