Brown Students for Hillary: Here’s why we support Hillary Clinton

Guest Columnist
Sunday, September 13, 2015

On Monday, Sept. 14 at 8 p.m. in Salomon 202, you should attend this semester’s first meeting of Brown Students for Hillary. Why? Because Hillary Clinton is a progressive champion for students, women, children and families. She is an experienced leader who has been breaking barriers for women in politics for decades. She has spent a lifetime being scrutinized but is still fighting for everyday Americans as she campaigns to be our first female president. Her family name may be familiar, but Secretary Clinton deserves to be judged by the merit of her accomplishments as a lawyer, First Lady, senator and Secretary of State, not by the policies of her husband. Students matter in this election; 2008 and 2012 demonstrated the power that our collective voices can have. This is especially true here in Rhode Island, where we can effect great change and influence thousands of votes throughout New England. We know many Brown students are still undecided about who to support in the Democratic primary, so let us try to boost you over that fence: Here’s why we’re Brown Students for Hillary.

Secretary Clinton has always been an advocate for the most vulnerable among us. She began her career volunteering with New Haven Legal Services and went on to found Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families after working with the Children’s Defense Fund and the Carnegie Council on Children. While most college students today are too young to remember her work as First Lady, many in Washington knew her as “the most powerful liberal in the White House.” She worked tirelessly trying to pass universal health care and led the charge to expand State Children’s Health Insurance Program, the health insurance program for children who don’t qualify for Medicaid. She was consistently rated as one of the most liberal senators, even more so than then-Senator Obama. Today, her campaign has put out some of the most ambitious progressive proposals Democrats have seen in years. She plans to produce enough clean renewable energy to power every home in America by 2027, decrease the burden of student debt and increase college affordability, reduce incarceration rates and expand treatment for Americans battling mental illness or substance abuse.

Some have asked about Secretary Clinton’s evolving viewpoints in recent years and months. The Democratic Party has moved steadily leftward over the past 20 years, and Hillary has been there each step of the way, giving voice to the progressive Americans she meets every day on the campaign trail. There is value in a candidate who wants to use the opinions of those she leads to continue to learn, even as she approaches 50 years in public service. Raised in a conservative, Midwestern family, she grew up as a member of the Republican Party but switched her registration to the Democratic Party during the civil rights movement and helped organize student walkouts in 1968 while student government president at Wellesley College. The United States needs a president who will hear many points of view and make informed policy decisions, not an ideologue unwilling to change her perspective with the times.

Not only would it be historic for the United States to elect our first female president, but studies have also shown that women leaders are perceived to be less aggressive and reactionary and are more ethical, diplomatic and willing to work toward compromise. Hillary Clinton visited 112 countries as Secretary of State, paving the way for diplomatic relations and engaging in candid conversation with leaders across the globe, including in Myanmar, Pakistan and both Israel and the West Bank. After four years as our nation’s top diplomatic official, no candidate from any party can match her level of foreign policy experience.

Clinton is a progressive fighter with the experience and drive to win the White House in 2016 and the agenda and determination to get things done once she’s there— but she needs your help. We’ve talked to many fellow students who are excited to vote for Hillary in the general election but are leaning toward other candidates in the primary. We see that these students are ready to make Hillary our next President but have concerns that haven’t yet been addressed by her campaign. So let’s talk about them. There’s no downside to productive debate in a democracy. That said, the earlier our student movements unify behind a candidate, the more impactful we will be in shaping their policies.

These are just some of our reasons for supporting Hillary, but this movement is only as strong as the students who join it. Candidates are working hard to engage with students through social media and personalized stump speeches, but if we stop voting in high numbers, they’ll stop caring. We need to make sure our priorities are constantly on the minds of the people running this country, particularly as we enter the workforce, become engaged global citizens and strive to leave our world a better place than we found it. Rhode Island may be small, but we’ve got the advantages of a strong Democratic base, a passionate and political campus, many other colleges to work with and easy proximity to New Hampshire (and Brooklyn!). This election will come down to knocking on doors, calling voters and showing our strength in numbers. Come help us build a strong coalition for Hillary at Brown — we need all the (wo)manpower we can get.

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  1. “engaging in candid conversation with leaders across the globe, including in Myanmar, Pakistan and both Israel and the West Bank. ”

    Do tell. What exactly was the “candid conversation” Hillary had with Israeli inre their apartheid settlement policy. Cause after all she penned a letter to her pro Israel donors without once mentioning Israeli apartheid.

    Hillary, like Bill these days, is for sale to the highest Donor.

  2. Feel the Bern says:

    “studies have also shown that women leaders are perceived to be less
    aggressive and reactionary and are more ethical, diplomatic and willing
    to work toward compromise.”

    I guess with the exception of Hillary Rodham Clinton who deleted over 30,000 classified emails of correspondence as Secretary of State which were re-rerouted on a private server, breaking espionage laws and policy, in an attempt to hide *something* from lawful, transparent FIFA requests.

    • A Student for Hillary says:

      You are entitled to feel however you feel about Hillary as a candidate, but please don’t spread false information. Secretary Clinton did not send any information that was classified at the time of sending it. Many agencies have different rules for classified information and some info that was unclassified at the time she sent is now considered classified. She broke no laws, as using a private server was allowed by the Department of State. Colin Powell also used a private server while serving as Secretary of State. Also, they’re called FOIA requests, not FIFA requests. Hillary has turned over all work-related emails and the private server itself and is being beyond cooperative in the Department of State’s Inspector General investigation. That doesn’t sound like someone who is trying to hide anything to me.

      • Feel the Bern says:

        FOIA –> FIFA due to autocorrect. Jeezus you’re wound tight.

        Correspondence between foreign officials is classified.

        Colin Powell did not delete 30,000 emails and was never investigated by the FBI.

        There’s a thing called Google you could use, but by all means, keep with the “Gig Economy” and shill….

        • Colin Powell deleted ALL his emails including his work related emails.
          The Justice department has cleared her of all wrong doing and so has the state department. Both have said she broke no rules nor policy. Now get off it troll.

          • Feel the Bern says:

            Where did you get Colin Powell deleted his emails? Nowhere does he or any other source ever state he deleted emails or conducted correspondence with foreign officials (which would be classified). What he does say: he doesn’t have access to a now 10-year old email account and does not know if the state department still has record if there were ever an FOIA request. Do you still access all of your accounts from 10 years ago? (Geocities? Myspace? Hotmail? etc.)

            From the numerous accounts on the subject of Colin Powell’s email use, he was navigating uncharted territory by instituting a more modern email system in the office for 44,000 computers, bringing the department into the 21st century and out of the 19th. The use of the emails back then as stated was for housekeeping, ostensibly intra-office. I would intuit that email use for most of these baby-boomer world leaders 10 years ago was very limited (if at all) so they were not communicating via email what is classified information. Where Powell’s fault in breaking any policies is that email was relatively new ground over 10 years ago for slow moving institutions to grapple with, Clinton (in the most charitable interpretation here) delayed complying with a FOIA request and deleted records. The real issue is not just email-use, its deleting government records that all citizens have and need to have a right to.

            I’m further troubled by the Clinton-camp defense of “He used email so it’s ok I did that too.” Two wrongs don’t make a right either way, and it still doesn’t explain why Clinton would delete 30,000 emails, which is not at all what Powell did.


          • CaptainCrunch says:

            None of Powell’s actions matter because the law was not enacted until Hilary assumed her role under the Obama administration. Worse yet was that she had heavily endorsed the laws surrounding the handling of classified information, and then she blatantly ignored them. It’s quite the case of whiplash. Maybe it’ll spark congress to start tearing out the laws overwhelming the people, and abolishing the liberties of the people, while providing means of impunity for themselves as politicians… Nah, that would bankrupt the municipalities across the Nation.

        • That is true, even though he is another proven killer.

      • Ladislav Din says:

        You might consider your own advice about “not spreading false information.” You do not know that “Secretary Clinton did not send any information that was classified at the time of sending it.” That is what Hillary has said. Why do you believe her?

        The FBI is investigating Hillary’s use of private email accounts and server because two Obama-appointed Inspectors General asked them to investigate based on concerns about apparent violations of laws/ regulations governing protection of classified government information.

        Subsequent to the beginning of the FBI investigation, two federal intelligence agencies — the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency — concluded that two emails of concern to the Inspectors general were in fact “Top Secret,” the highest classification of government intelligence, when they were sent to Mrs. Clinton in 2009 and 2011.

        Also, two media sources, one mainstream (Reuters) one conservative but credible (The Federalist) have identified specific emails that contained information from/about foreign governments that are by definition inherently classified. They post copies of the emails and analyze date of origin and author. Again, I am not the FBI, but there are emails that investigative reports have identified as showing violation of protection of classified information.

        • My Dear, ad the reply above just google this:

          Tony Blair’s
          Appearance in the Clinton E-mails Demolishes Hillary’s Excuses

          Good luck, and God Bless You.

      • My Dear, google this:

        Tony Blair’s
        Appearance in the Clinton E-mails Demolishes Hillary’s Excuses

        Good luck, and God Bless You.

    • #feelthebernout….. too much pot in the 60s like Bernie no doubt. Ever checked out is perverted borderline pedophile writings? Here you go:
      Now leave these young men and women to organize productively for the candidate of their choice.

  3. Will there be a box in the 2016 ballot for “Hillary for Prison” in 2016?

  4. Firstly, why is this group called “Brown Students for Hillary”? While the intention may be to show that there are Brown students who support Hillary, its suggest that Brown Students, by consensus, support Hillary Clinton. Which is completely false! In simple words, stop associating the name of ‘Brown’, with your own political preferences.
    Secondly, America has no room for lies or pretense. Hillary’s integrity is questionable.
    Thirdly, feel the Bern!

    • A group called “Brown Students for Hillary” does not make it sound like all Brown students unanimously support Hillary. That’s absurd.

      • CaptainCrunch says:

        Reading your post was pretty damn funny though. Hooray for Brown students! Ivy League, Brown students… sounds like affirmative action to me.

    • This must be bait. You can’t be smart enough to get into Brown and vote for Bernie Sanders.

    • If there is a “Brown” then the students follow Brown’s bait, rather than a real research!

  5. This article is clearly partisan and lacks neutrality. We don’t want to hear how awesome you THINK Hillary is. Please give factual, non-biased arguments.

  6. I like her because I like fake people. That’s why I like Chris Paxson too.

    • If she is fake, then do not expect any real successful administration from her.

  7. “Hillary Clinton visited 112 countries as Secretary of State, paving the way for diplomatic relations and engaging in candid conversation with leaders across the globe, including in Myanmar, Pakistan and both Israel and the West Bank” omg meaningless, please please please tell this to families of dead iraqis, imprisoned teens, cities decimated by NAFTA. sick sick sick.

  8. CaptainCrunch says:

    How about Brown students for deporting politicians who perpetuate wars and secret courts? I bet white and black students will support the cause too. 🙂

  9. Ladislav Din says:

    It is troubling to see students at a fine institution like Brown accepting information fed to them without scrutinizing, questioning or critically examining it.

    One example is the claim by Brown Students for Hillary that Hillary ” began her career volunteering with New Haven Legal Services and went on to found Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families” (most biographies have at least been corrected to say “co-founded”). As with so many of Hillary’s “accomplishments” it is a half truth with vast overstatement.

    Any scrutiny reveals that ever since Hillary lost her job on Capitol Hill, flunked the DC Bar exam and moved to Arkansas in the 1970s, she has depended heavily on the more able, successful, charismatic Bill Clinton to open doors for her at every step in her career, while she looked the other way.

    in TRUTH, Hillary was one of 19 concerned citizens who founded Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, recruited by Arkansas Commissioner of Welfare Jim Miles and early childhood education pioneer Bettye Caldwell, professor at U of Arkansas – Little Rock. Hillary’s national contacts at Yale and Children’s Defense Fund were undoubtedly helpful. Most important however were her contacts with Bill Clinton.

    Here is what Jim Miles said in 1994 as part of an oral history interview on the beginnings and success of Arkansas Advocates and Hillary’s role:

    “Find you a young woman who marries a guy who gets elected governor, that’s essentially what it boils down to. That luck, sheer luck… The Advocates’ success was the sheer luck of us recruiting a woman who ended up becoming first lady of this state…Getting into the Governor’s Mansion gave us credibility because we were the pet organization. ” (at 16:15 min and following).

    Hillary Clinton has depended heavily on Bill Clinton at every step of her career.

  10. Separation of Corporation and says:

    Bernie is the better civil rights candidate by a long-shot.

  11. The kids don’t know how to recognize Liars, deceivers or killers!

  12. Who knew I was in a treasure mine of enemy communications? They are all over the place.

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