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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Herald, University lack backbone

Monday, October 12, 2015

To the Editor:

Be outraged with the Herald and University, not the writer.

The Herald apologized for publishing a recent controversial column. Worse still, The Herald removed the article from its website. The apology and removal declared that there is a limit to which ideas are acceptable for discussion. As the foremost medium for discussion on campus, The Herald should be the first to defend controversial columns.

I, too, wrote a column in The Herald several years ago that sparked campus-wide outrage. The Herald did not remove the column and allowed for subsequent rebuttal columns and a follow-up column of mine. This allowed for a healthy debate. The administration never got involved, communicating that students are not children who need to be sheltered from scary ideas.

This time is different. The administration has gotten involved and has only compounded the damage. In an attempt to moderate the situation, several administrators, including President Christina Paxson P’19, wrote a letter to students.

Controversial speech does not need moderation. Moderation is only steps away from speech codes on campus. If the administration had to publish anything, it should have requested that The Herald and others learn that a university is about ideas, including controversial ones. Instead the letter requested that Herald staff members “take this opportunity to learn more, and also in greater depth, about the historical and current realities of race and inequity.” The Herald does not need to learn about race. The Herald and administration need to learn about backbone.

Oliver Hudson ’14

Former Herald opinions columnist

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  1. However stupid you think Hudson and/or Maier are, censors always win the stupid battle.

  2. Oh boy, I’d forgotten about the other column this guy wrote. lol. Totally thought he was a troll, but I guess that ‘only rich ppl should vote’ thing was srs after all?

  3. “The Herald does not need to learn about race.”

    Um, false.

    • in Bey-o speramus says:

      Right? Imagine any other subject in which this would be acceptable. I can’t think of one.

  4. in Bey-o speramus says:

    I literally gasped when I saw who this… “””editorial””” was by… what a throwback… speak the devils name and they shall self righteously and not so subtly defend their bizarrely embarrassing journalistic legacy.

    • Columbus, Ohio says:

      Huh, see, I actually read the article, and he didn’t defend anything he said. Hudson was defending free speech against censorship. He even said his piece caused a lot of outrage.

      But I guess expecting someone to read and think before they post is setting the bar far too high for today’s sheltered, one-dimensional college minds. Best get back to your safe space, wouldn’t want you to get traumatized again.

      • in Bey-o speramus says:

        1) I mean “todays one dimensional college minds” lol like brown used to let literally anyone in compared to today’s standards, getting into college is actually a challenge and requires some merit now but like whatever ill let that slide.

        2) lol defending free speech against censorship when you’re opinions are well known to be “””controversial””” (read: racist, ill informed, unhelpful, unproductive, etc) is less than obliquely a defense of oneself. That is extremely obvious to anyone who read his article, unlike you, apparently.

        • It’s a non-starter that Hudson, by defending free speech, is by proxy promoting his own ideas by allowing them to be heard. That pertains to every proponent of free speech.

          There are writers and comedians and people out there who know that you *need* absurdly offensive things to always be allowed. They purposefully produce offensive material to remind people (apparently like you) who think that censorship is ever something other than a terrible idea.

          • in Bey-o speramus says:

            Yes it does pertain to every proponent of free speech, that is more or less the claim I’m making

            I mean those people are wrong, self-righteous, and short sighted, but I mean yes that is why they behave in that awful way, i suppose.

  5. SocialJusticeScientist says:

    “The Herald does not need to learn about race.”

    …that’s why there are soooooo many students of color on staff. Let’s be real.

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