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Asian Cafe brings more than sushi to table

New restaurant on Angell Street offers diverse selection for those craving alternative to campus eats

Staff Writer
Friday, November 13, 2015

Replacing Spats, the Asian Cafe provides an alternative to the Asian cuisine served at Andrews Commons and the Blue Room.

As it happens, the weariness of the Sharpe Refectory menu fuels a desire for new food options. The Asian Cafe, a sushi restaurant that recently opened across from Tealuxe on Angell Street, attempts to satisfy that craving — but some sub-par dishes in the restaurant’s varied menu leave the customer searching for a better meal.

The restaurant provides an accessible space for those looking to experience Asian cuisine beyond the repetitive meals available at Andrews Commons and the Blue Room. The Asian Cafe does not aim to be fancy, nor is it particularly spacious: A bar dominates a quarter of the small restaurant. Knowing its customer demographic, The Asian Cafe has a casual atmosphere that provides a great setting for relaxed conversations during lunch and dinner.

Living up to its name, the restaurant offers choices varying from an average selection of sushi rolls to a wider selection of familiar Asian dishes such as basil chicken and pad Thai. The service is wonderfully accommodating, and the prices mostly range from $12 for items such as beef or shrimp pad Thai and tofu teriyaki to $20 for the sushi deluxe, which consists of seven pieces.

The all-you-can-eat special for $19.95 marks a great choice for voracious eaters. The only caveat is that the customer must pay extra to take home leftovers. The special includes various items from the sushi bar and kitchen, such as a selection of appetizers, tempura and teriyaki. The California rolls were the standard version of the popular sushi roll, and the fried rice was an especially palatable option. From the kitchen, shrimp and chicken tempura were sub-par in comparison to the usually satisfying Japanese staple.

The Asian Cafe is vegetarian-friendly and vegan-friendly — the menu also boasts choices like mango avocado and sweet potato rolls, garden salads and vegetarian udon.

The $20 price tag for some meals may deter some, but students should understand that the Asian Cafe is perfect for semi-special occasions or just a fun night away from monotonous Brown dining halls.

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