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Editors' Note

Editors’ Note: The Herald names 127th Editorial Board

Monday, November 14, 2016

The Herald announced the members of the 127th Editorial Board Friday at its annual banquet at CAV Restaurant Nov. 11.

The 127th Editorial Board will be led by Editor-in-Chief and President Lauren Aratani ’18, an English non-fiction concentrator from Honolulu, Hawaii. Matt Brownsword ’18, a political science concentrator from Walpole, Massachusetts, will serve as managing editor of media and vice president.

Joining them on the editorial board are managing editor of BlogDailyHerald and Post- Magazine Rebecca Ellis ’18, an English and urban studies concentrator from New York, New York, and managing editor of daily content Kate Talerico ’18, an urban studies concentrator from St. Paul, Minnesota.

The 126th Editorial Board is excited to see The Herald and its content develop next year under the leadership of the incoming board.

The Herald also announced a new slate of section editors, business leaders and department heads:

Section Editors

Arts & Culture: Julie Center ’19, Madison Rivlin ’19

News: Kyle Borowski ’19, Kasturi Pananjady ’19, Suvy Qin ’19, Elena Renken ’19, Alex Skidmore ’19, Hattie Xu ’19

Sports: Jackson Chaiken ’19, Ben Shumate ’19

Multimedia: Roland High ’19

Graphics: Laura Felenstein ’19

Blog: Anica Green ’17

Multimedia and production

Design editors: Christy Leung ’18, Ameer Malik ’18, Jessica Yu ’18

Assistant design editor: Eduard Muñoz-Suñé ’20

Head photo editor: Eli White ’18

Assistant head photo editor: Sam Berube ’19

Photo editors: Marianna McMurdock ’19, Lilly Nguyen ’19

Copy desk chief: Julia Stemmer ’17


General managers: Henry Ritter ’18, Ben Wesner ’18

Finance director: Reena Zhan ’18

Sales director: Antonia Alvarez ’19

Strategy directors: William Nober ’18, Gianna Jasinski ’18


Editor-in-chief: Monica Chin ’17

Editors’ notes are written by The Herald’s 126th Editorial Board: Emma Jerzyk ’17, Joe Zappa ’17, Caroline Kelly ’17 and Andrew Flax ’17.

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