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Insomnia Cookies celebrates opening with ribbon-cutting ceremony

Late-night cookie, dessert delivery service opens on College Hill across from Blue State Coffee

Senior Staff Writer
Monday, March 6, 2017

A small gathering of students, employees and Providence locals played host to a shift in the landscape of College Hill Monday afternoon — Insomnia Cookies has opened on 307 Thayer Street, across from Blue State Coffee.         

Yesterday’s ribbon cutting ceremony officially introduced the highly anticipated business to College Hill. Insomnia delivers cookies in flavors ranging from s’mores to white chocolate macadamia, along with other desserts until 2 a.m. Some of their specialties include “’wiches” made from cookies and ice cream, as well as brownies and cookies a la mode, with toppings and mix-ins available for a personalized dessert experience. Nick Lorence ’19, one of the few Brown students in attendance at the 11:55 a.m. ceremony, said he is looking forward to “more ways to ruin my diet at two in the morning.”

The ceremony itself involved a group of employees poised with a giant pair of scissors, ready to cut a bright red ribbon. A few people present discussed the feasibility of the giant scissors industry. Others considered flavors and discussed their plans to make the best possible use of the new business.

The crowd patiently waited through the prolonged photo shoot of the ribbon fluttering in front of the gray building. Then, after the ribbon-cut had been sufficiently documented, the crowd scrambled for the door.

Naomi Altman ’19 had been sitting in class when a friend texted her to come to the event. She said she had to rush from her 11 a.m. class to make it into the inaugural line for Insomnia Cookies. “This is going to be the go-to place,” she said, adding that she looked forward to grabbing herself a chocolate chunk cookie.

Joshua Johnson, marketing manager for Insomnia Cookies, wrote in an email to The Herald that the business is “very excited to be open in Providence.”

“The community and University have been extremely supportive,” he wrote. “We are happy to be able to spread the love of warm delicious cookies in Providence.”

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