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Class of 2021 applicant profile

Applicant pool of 32,699 marks increase in applicants, highest number yet

By and
Senior Staff Writer, Graphics Editor
Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The University received a total of 32,699 applications for the class of 2021, according to Dean of Admission Logan Powell. The number of applicants increased from last year’s applicant pool, which saw 32,280 students seek admission to the University for the class of 2020.

This year’s applicant pool was “remarkably consistent with where we’ve been in previous years across nearly every demographic category we consider,” Powell said.

The University did see an increase in its Brown-RISD dual degree applicants, with 30 percent more students seeking admission to the program than last year, according to Powell. But the number of Brown-RISD applicants is similar to the number of applicants seen in the past.

“The last two years’ (the number of Brown-RISD applicants) were a little bit low so where we are this year with Brown-RISD applicants is actually similar to where we were four years ago,” Powell said.

Regular decision results will be available on March 30 for the class of 2021.

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  1. In addition to the raw numbers, the final chart (what state applicants come from) should be some sort of ratio. California having the most applicants shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone as it is the mos populous state. What percentage of Brown applications come from CA relative to the percentage of people in the USA living in CA?

  2. The Scribe ✔ PREFERRED says:

    Why does Brown not publish the average or middle-50% of the test scores for those admitted? Can’t find them anywhere on the Brown website.

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