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Ted Choi ’19 dies unexpectedly

Choi ’19 remembered for curiosity, love of learning, devotion to family

News Editor
Friday, June 9, 2017

Ted Choi ’19 died May 24, wrote Dean of the College Maud Mandel and Vice President for Campus Life and Student Services Eric Estes in a community-wide email Thursday.

Choi was a student with vast and diverse interests — though most of his classes were in science and other technical subjects, he always took courses in fields like literature, education or archaeology each semester. He had a “tremendous curiosity about the world,” wrote Mandel and Estes.

Like his father, Choi attended the Hotchkiss School prior to matriculating at Brown. Outside of classes, Choi was a “kind and gracious young man” who loved his siblings and his family, wrote Mandel and Estes.

Resources at Counseling and Psychological Services and Student Support Services in addition to University Chaplains are available to members of the Brown community affected by Choi’s passing.

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