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City Council hopes to increase recycling efforts

Providence’s 9-percent recycling rate well under Rhode Island’s 35-percent metric

Senior Staff Writer
Thursday, November 2, 2017

At Thursday’s Providence City Council meeting, which lasted for less than 15 minutes, the city passed resolutions to increase efforts to educate the city on recycling and to assign a crossing guard at Bradley School Providence on Broadway.

Councilman David Salvatore’s resolution, which was co-sponsored by the entire council states that Providence’s recycling rate between the months of November 2016 and January 2017 was just under 9 percent. This is despite the fact Rhode Island aims to recycle at least 35 percent of the solid waste generated by the state, The resolution also states that since new residents who speak different languages come to Providence annually, there should be consistent recycling education efforts that are accessible to all city residents at various points throughout the year.

A resolution to authorize the city to obtain not more than $2,010,000 from the Rhode Island Health and Educational Building Corporation and to finance improvements to school facilities in the city was referred to the Committee on Finance.

An ordinance amending Chapter 14, “Licenses,” of Providence’s Code of Ordinances by adding “predictable and progressive discipline for repeated violations” and a petition from attorney John Garrahy requesting to change the zoning district for the property located at 37 South Angell St. was referred to the Committee on Ordinances.

An ordinance establishing a tax exemption and a stabilization plan for the Aspen Group was passed for the first time while the ordinance for approving and adopting the Special Redevelopment Plan for Vacant Houses passed for the second time.

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