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Phi Beta Kappa elects 34 new members

Academic organization selects Brown juniors for academic rigor, achievement

Metro Editor
Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Thirty-four members of the class of 2019 were elected to the University’s Phi Beta Kappa Society Feb. 6, wrote Chapter Administrator Mary Jo Foley in an email to The Herald.

The University’s Rhode Island Alpha Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa is the seventh-oldest chapter in the country, Foley wrote. Phi Beta Kappa, founded in 1776, is the oldest and most prestigious academic honors organization in the nation, she added.

Election to Phi Beta Kappa is based on academic achievement within a rigorous curriculum, according to the election procedures posted on the University’s website. Elected as juniors, the University’s newest members of Phi Beta Kappa must have completed a minimum of 20 courses over five semesters at the University and earned at least 18 grades of “A” or “S with distinction”; two-fifths of the courses must be in the arts, humanities, social sciences or pure mathematics. No more than one-third of a class’s electees may be selected as juniors.

The Alpha of Rhode Island holds elections three times a year: in February to elect juniors, in April to elect seniors and in late May to elect seniors who transferred to the University as juniors, according to the election procedures.

Those elected are as following:

Justin Inho Bai ’19

Yue Bai ’19

Samuel Itzhak Bennett ’19

Kenneth Christopher Berglund ’19

Rebecca Valerie Buxbaum ’19

Connor Joseph Cardoso ’19, Herald opinions editor

Devon A. Carter ’19

Julia Choi ’19, former Herald staff writer

John Albert Dall’Aglio ’19

Judson Anthony Ellis ’19

Edwin Arthur Farley ’19

Dakota Stone Fenn ’19

Emi Dominique Fogg ’19

Jenna R. Gosciak ’19

Oliver Z. Hermann ’19

Ivan Hofman ’19

Quinton Huang ’19

Elizabeth Huh ’19

Dorothy Ying Xiao Jiang ’19

Anuj Krishnamurthy ’19, Herald opinions editor

Andrew John Lawrence ’19

Joshua J. Lebo ’19

Austin Irving Lessin ’19, former Herald sales associate

Amy Rebecca Lipman ’19

David William Liu ’19

Flannery Elisabeth McIntyre ’19

Julianna Lee Marino ’19, former Herald photographer

Lena Ari Milton ’19

Andrew David Robbin ’19

Misha Wei Sohan ’19

Hwi Jae Shin ’19

Amanda Nicole Siegel ’19

Irene D. Tang ’19

Joshua Aaron Wartel ’19, managing editor of arts and culture for post- magazine

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