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Letter: Landscape the hardscape

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

To the Editor:

Now that the University has wisely changed course about the site of the future performing arts center, it should also turn its attention to the area around the five historic structures which were spared from the wrecking ball or relocation. The ugly, barren hardscape behind the Waterman and Angell street houses deserves a landscaping upgrade, in keeping with the charm these buildings add to the campus.

Peter Mackie ’59

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  1. Agree completely! I spent many hours relaxing in the botanical gardens of my undergraduate university (the University of Rhode Island). I was shocked and disheartened to find that Brown’s landscaping was in a much more dire state. Brown’s recent landscaping endeavours (e.g., Starr Plaza, The Walk, Sciences Quadrangle) are as stark and foreboding as the buildings they abut. Brown’s historic gardens (e.g., the Corliss-Brackett courtyard, the lower section of Rochambeau’s formal gardens, and the Machado gardens) are languishing.

    Brown: Please give us students more lush grass to lay on, beech trees to lean against, and flowers to admire.

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