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Letter: Why does review require suspension?

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

To the Editor:

In a letter to the editor published by The Herald yesterday, Provost Richard Locke P ’18 states that “the University decided to suspend acceptances of new applicants to the elementary education track for the current cycle. This pause will enable us to fully evaluate our current program based on evolving classroom and community needs and in light of expanding scholarly expertise in the newly refocused Annenberg Institute for School Reform.”

It is perplexing that the same review could not be conducted while the program was ongoing as usual. Shutting down the inflow for a year — leaving a huge gap and restarting problems if acceptances are later resumed — seems like assuming that the results of the evaluation will be to shut the program down. That appears to be the foregone conclusion.

Jeffrey Liss ’65

Former Herald editor-in-chief

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