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Brown cancels Fall 2020 study abroad programs

Brown, CASA, approved partner programs canceled, OIP optimistic that programs could resume in Spring 2021

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

The University has canceled all of its sponsored undergraduate study abroad programs for Fall 2020 in light of the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on global health and international travel restrictions.

The decision was made “in consultation with Brown’s International Travel Risk and Assessment Committee in consideration of a number of factors, including student health and safety, evolving travel restrictions, cessation of visa issuances, restrictive entry requirements and impacts on academic calendars around the world,” according to a May 12 email from the Office of International Programs reviewed by The Herald.

This cancellation applies to both Brown and Consortium for Advanced Studies Abroad programs, in addition to “approved partner programs and others for which students had successfully petitioned,” the email stated.

University summer programs that require international travel had already been canceled due to the virus, The Herald previously reported.

OIP has not yet announced whether or not study abroad will be permitted for Spring 2021. “We remain optimistic about the ability to offer study abroad programs next spring and encourage students to continue exploring study abroad options during that semester,” the email stated.

This announcement was made now to ensure students who submitted study abroad leave forms before the restriction was put in place have “ample time to adjust their plans to continue studies at Brown for the fall semester.”

Update: Read more about Fall 2020 study abroad here

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  1. Eugene Icks says:

    If it’s not safe for Brown students to travel abroad, how can it possibly be safe for them to come to Providence? After all, Brown students come from all over the world!

  2. Simple. Quarantine when you arrive to Rhode Island. State’s metrics for testing are good now, and things are starting to open up.

    • Eugene Icks says:

      “Simple”? Really? So, you have students and faculty coming from all over the world and when they arrive in Rhode Island, they will all “quarantine”? Exactly where will these thousands of people “quarantine”? Thousands of tents on the Main Green? And will they go to the bathroom under the trees? And how will they eat? Simple, right? And going forward? Students will not go near each other, right? Sure. And they will not go to bars in town? Sure. And they will never go home for weekends or Thanksgiving or Christmas? Sure. Or maybe your idea is that they will “quarantine” whenever they do one of those things? So every Sunday morning, after a night out at the bars, back to the tents on the Main Green? And after Christmas, also? Hope those tents are weatherized. And I hope the good people of Providence will smile warmly when the see the thousands of college kids and faculty descend upon the city bringing their possibly viral bodies from all over the world….and “quarantining”….somewhere….Simple!!

  3. Another Observer says:

    How many thousands of students will descend upon Providence if the colleges all open up? The US has been handling the pandemic worse than much of the world so far, so it is disingenuous for the university to shut down travel abroad while pursuing an on campus fall experience.

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