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Editors' Note, Opinions

Editors’ note: With a return to in-person classes, a return to limited print

Thursday, October 8, 2020

When we all abruptly left campus back in March, we packed up two homes: our dorms, and the office of The Herald at 195 Angell St. We did not know when we would see our friends again, or when we would be back on campus — and we certainly didn’t know when we would be able to print a paper again.

In July, President Christina Paxson P’19 announced that we would return to campus, and we determined that the safest way forward would be for us to prioritize daily online news and print weekly, as we wrote in our last Editors’ Note. When the delay of in-person classes was announced in August, along with the chance that the entire semester might be remote, we thought that even printing weekly might prove impossible. But today, marking the first full week of limited in-person classes, we are so grateful to continue our print tradition with the publication of our first weekly issue of the semester — and our first issue ever produced virtually and designed in our new office at 88 Benevolent St.

This issue is the first of seven weekly printed issues we have planned for the semester, which will all be published on Fridays. We encourage you to pick up a copy every Friday until Thanksgiving at these locations. Please continue to subscribe to our daily online newsletter and to read news published daily on our website

In an abnormal semester, and our last as an editorial board, we hope once again that you continue to stick with us in print and online, and most importantly, that you take care and stay safe. 

—Editors’ Notes are written by The Herald’s 130th editorial board: Colleen Cronin ’21, Allie Reed ’21, Sophie Culpepper ’21, Elise Ryan ’21 and Alex Smolar ’21

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  1. Luiz F Valente says:

    You’ve done a superb job during the pandemic. Thanks and congratulations.
    Luiz F. Valente’83PhD
    Professor of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies and Comparative Literature

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