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On-campus COVID-19 vaccination rate reaches 90.6 percent

One week from on-campus vaccination deadline, students hit target for “near universal vaccination rate”

University News Editor
Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Midway through the summer semester, on-campus students hit target goal with 90.6 percent vaccinated.

The COVID-19 vaccination rate for students living on campus for the summer reached 90.6 percent last week, Executive Vice President for Planning and Policy Russell Carey ’91 MA’06 wrote in a June 25 Today@Brown announcement.

This exceeds the 90 percent “near universal vaccination rate” that University administrators stipulated for resuming on-campus activities. The announcement came a week before the July 1 deadline by which all students and employees engaging in on-campus activities must be fully vaccinated.

While employees have yet to surpass the 90 percent mark, vaccination rates for employees engaging in on-campus activity is currently at 82.7 percent, increasing from 74 percent the previous week.

The vaccination rate for the overall student population, which includes students not currently on campus, is currently at 72.1 percent, while the rate for the overall employee population is at 80.7 percent. Students and employees who are currently not engaging in on-campus activities this summer do not have to meet the July 1 deadline but are expected to be fully vaccinated by the start of the fall semester.

Case numbers on campus currently remain consistent with weeks prior, posting a zero percent positivity rate for employees and a 0.05 percent positivity rate for students. The University also plans to discontinue the Brown Vaccine Express as the Dunkin Donuts Center vaccination site will no longer operate after June 26.

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  1. Wuhan Institute of Virology says:

    Mandatory experimental vaccines and continuing lockdowns for a disease with a 99.99% recovery rate in healthy young people, makes perfect sense!

    • Dumb. Over 600K US citizens dead. Glad you are not a Brown student.

      • Great Barrington Declaration says:

        Joe, would you like to expound upon your comment with more data? What is the average age and comorbidities of those who have passed away? How many US citizens die of all causes every year and how much excess mortality can be attributed to COVID? What is the recovery rate for a healthy college-aged individual? What are the effects of closing schools for disadvantaged students and small businesses who provide livelihoods for many others? Who benefitted most from lockdowns (hint: the rich and powerful)? Smart people are capable of rational discourse using metrics and risk/reward analysis, not simple epithets.

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