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Staff List, Fall 2017


Lauren Aratani
President, The Brown Daily Herald, Inc.
Editor-in-Chief, The Herald

Matthew Brownsword
Vice President, The Brown Daily Herald, Inc.
Managing Editor, The Herald

Benjamin Wesner
Treasurer, The Brown Daily Herald, Inc.
General Manager, The Herald

Henry Ritter
Secretary, The Brown Daily Herald, Inc.
General Manager, The Herald


Editor-in-Chief: Lauren Aratani

Managing Editor: Matthew Brownsword

Managing Editor: Rebecca Ellis

Senior Editor: Kate Talerico

Section Editors

University News: Isabel Gensler, Alex Skidmore, Hattie Xu

Metro: Gwen Everett

Science and Research: Elena Renken

Arts & Culture: Ethel Renia, Madison Rivlin

Sports: Ben Shumate, Nicholas Wey

Post-: Saanya Jain


Opinions Editors: Connor Cardoso, Anuj Krishnamurthy, Mili Mitra

Multimedia and Production

Design Editors: Eduard Muñoz-Suñé, Kyle Cui

Head Photo Editors: Marianna McMurdock

Photo Editors: Lilly Nguyen, Sara Runkel, Anita Sheih, Gus Reed

Illustrations Editor: Pia Mileaf-Patel

Copy Desk Chief: Abby Borges

Directors of Web Development: Eli White


General Managers: Benjamin Wesner, Henry Ritter


Sales: Erin Lueck, Matilda Lynton

Finance: Reena Zhan

Strategy: William Nober, Caroline Ziegler


Sales: Michael Borrello, Shreya Raghunandan, Elizabeth Doykan

Collections: Ravi Betzig