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Staff List, Spring 2014

Editor-in-Chief: Eli Okun
Senior Editors: Maddie Berg, Kate Nussenbaum
Arts & Culture Editors: Katie Cusumano, Andrew Smyth
City & State Editors: Kate Kiernan, Katherine Lamb
Science & Research Editors: Isobel Heck, Sarah Perelman
Sports Editors: Caleb Miller, Dante O'Connell
Opinions Editors: Gabbie Corvese, Sarah Rubin, Maggie Tennis
Editorial Page Editors: Matt Brundage, Rachel Occhiogrosso
Head Photo Editor: Tom Sullivan
Video Editor: Henry Chaisson
Illustrations Editor: Angelia Wang
Design Editors: Brisa Bodell, Einat Brenner
Asst. Design Editors: Loren DowdCarlie Peters, Taylor Schwartz, Sean Simonson
Copy Desk Chief: Claire Postman
Asst. Copy Desk Chief: Sara Palasits
Web Producer: Joseph Stein
Jennifer Aitken, General Manager
Nicole Shimer, General Manager
Sales: Winnie Shao
Finance: Sarah Levine, Sameer Sarkar
Alumni Relations: Alison Pruzan
Business Development: Melody Cao
Regional Sales: Edward Clifford, Sarah Pariser, Ananya Shukla, Jessica Urrutia
Student Group Sales: Moniyka Sachar
Collections: Jacqueline Finkelsztein, Joshua Tartell
Operations: Jessica O'Dell
Alumni Engagement: Sarah Park
Project Leaders: Kaden Lee
Office Manager
Shawn Reilly

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