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Staff List, Spring 2015

Editor-in-Chief and President: Michael Dubin

Editor-in-Chief and Vice President: Maxine Joselow


Managing Editors: Kiki Barnes, Jillian Lanney

Senior Editors: Camilla Brandfield-Harvey, Isobel HeckMolly Schulson



Arts & Culture Editors: Eben Blake, Gabrielle Dee

Metro Editors: Alexander Blum, Emma Jerzyk, Drew Williams

Science & Research Editors: Andrew Jones, Steven Michael

Sports Editors: Andrew Flax, Alex Wainger

University News Editors: Emma Harris, Caroline Kelly, Joseph Zappa



Opinions Editors: Megan Grapengeter-Rudnick, Kate Kiernan, Evan Sweren

Editorial Page Editors: Alexander Kaplan, James Rattner



Head Photo Editor: Brittany Comunale

Photo Editors: David Deckey, Arjun Narayen, Ashley So, Ryan Walsh

Graphics Editors: Avery Crits-Christoph, Emma Jerzyk

Illustrations Editor: Angelia Wang

Video Editor: Richard Flores

Web Producers: Joseph Stein, Harsha Yeddanapudy



Design Editors: Loren Dowd, Carlie Peters, Taylor Schwartz

Asst. Design Editors: Meryl Charleston, Andrew Linder

Copy Desk Chief: Madeline DiGiovanni

Asst. Copy Desk Chiefs: Bonnie Henry, Julia Stemmer, Karis Stubblefield

Online Editor: Marcy Huang
General Managers: Sarah Levine, Winnie Shao
Sales: Moniyka Sachar, Jess Urrutia
Finance: Josh Tartell
Alumni Relations: Marley Rafson
Business Development: Yuta Inumaru
Sales: Matthew Meyer, Henry Ritter, Gulmira Hamit, Taylor Casey
Collections: Neil Wathore and Benjamin Wesner
Operations: Carin Papendorp
Office Manager
Shawn Reilly

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