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Staff List, Fall 2016


Emma Jerzyk
President, The Brown Daily Herald, Inc.
Editor-in-Chief, The Herald

Joe Zappa
Vice President, The Brown Daily Herald, Inc.
Managing Editor, The Herald

Josh Tartell
Treasurer, The Brown Daily Herald, Inc.
General Manager, The Herald

Moniyka Sachar
Secretary, The Brown Daily Herald, Inc.
General Manager, The Herald


Editor-in-Chief: Emma Jerzyk

Managing Editor: Joseph Zappa

Senior Editors: Andrew Flax, Caroline Kelly


News Editors: Lauren Aratani, Matthew Brownsword, Elena Weissman

Arts & Culture Editors: Jaclyn Torres, Rebecca Ellis

Sports Editor: Taneil Ruffin

BlogDailyHerald Editor: Anica Green

Post- Editor: Yidi Wu


Opinions Editors: Margaret Hu, Lainie Rowland

Multimedia and Production

Design Editors: Sonia Geba, Nicola Ho, Jessica Yu

Head Photo Editor: Eli White

Photo Editors: Sam Berube, Marianna McMurdock, Ashley So

Illustrations Editor: Roland High

Copy Desk Chief: Julia Stemmer


General Managers: Moniyka Sachar, Josh Tartel


Sales: Henry Ritter

Finance: Neil Wathore, Benjamin Wesner

Business Development: Abraham Galindo


Sales: Antonia Alvarez, Erin Lueck, Matthew Meyer, William Welland

Alumni: Trang Duong

Collections: Reena Zhan, Varun Narayan