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Staff List, Spring 2017


Lauren Aratani
President, The Brown Daily Herald, Inc.
Editor-in-Chief, The Herald

Matthew Brownsword
Vice President, The Brown Daily Herald, Inc.
Managing Editor, The Herald

Benjamin Wesner
Treasurer, The Brown Daily Herald, Inc.
General Manager, The Herald

Henry Ritter
Secretary, The Brown Daily Herald, Inc.
General Manager, The Herald


Editor-in-Chief: Lauren Aratani

Managing Editor of Media: Matthew Brownsword

Managing Editor of Blog and Post-: Rebecca Ellis

Managing Editor of Daily Content: Kate Talerico

Section Editors

University News: Kasturi Pananjady, Suvy Qin, Alex Skidmore

Metro: Kyle Borowski

Science and Research: Elena Renken, Hattie Xu

Arts & Culture: Julie Center, Madison Rivlin

Sports: Jackson Chaiken, Ben Shumate

Multimedia: Roland High

Graphics: Laura Felenstein

BlogDailyHerald: Anica Green

Post-: Monica Chin


Opinions Editors: Anuj Krishnamurthy, Mili Mitra, Clare Steinman

Multimedia and Production

Design Editors: Christy Leung, Ameer Malik, Jessica Yu

Head Photo Editor: Eli White

Assistant Head Photo Editor: Sam Berube

Photo Editors:  Marianna McMurdock, Lilly Nguyen, Sara Runkel, Anita Sheih

Illustrations Editor: Dorothy Windham

Copy Desk Chief: Julia Stemmer

Directors of Web Development: Lucy Wei, Ivy Wong


General Managers: Henry Ritter, Benjamin Wesner


Sales: Antonia Alvarez, Erin Lueck

Finance: Reena Zhan

Strategy: William Nober, Gianna Jasinski


Sales: Elizabeth Doykan, Gabriella Elanbeck, Matilda Lynton, Ariel Shusterman

Collections: Ravi Betzig

Operations: Gür Ağci