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Staff List, Spring 2019


Emily Davies
President, The Brown Daily Herald, Inc.
Editor-in-Chief, The Herald

Priyanka Podugu
Vice President, The Brown Daily Herald, Inc.
Managing Editor, The Herald

Ravi Betzig
Treasurer, The Brown Daily Herald, Inc.
General Manager, The Herald

Phil Masiakowski
Secretary, The Brown Daily Herald, Inc.
General Manager, The Herald


Editor-in-Chief: Emily Davies

Managing Editor: Priyanka Podugu

Managing Editor: Anna Kramer

Senior Editor: Sarah Wang

Senior Editor: Anita Sheih

Section Editors

post-: Anita Sheih

University News: Katherine Bennett, Jacob Lockwood, Melanie Pincus, Allie Reed

Metro: Colleen Cronin, Celia Hack, Sophie Culpepper

Science and Research: Chris Schutte, Cate Ryan

Arts & Culture: Elise Ryan, Annabelle Woodward

Sports: Alexandra Russell, Alex Smolar


Opinions Editors: Rebecca Aman, Emily Miller, Derek Simshauser

Multimedia and Production

Design Editors: Kyle Cui, Bilal Ismail, Dylan Tian, Julie Wang

Graphics Editors: Sarah Martinez

Head Photo Editor: Tiffany Ding, Benjamin Turuño

Illustrations Editor: Daphne Zhao

Copy Desk Chief: Kelley Tackett

Director of Web Development: Rahul Jayaraman


General Managers: Ravit Betzig, Phil Masiakowski

Office Manager: Diane Silvia


Sales: Bersabel Yifru

Finance: Rudra Srivastava, Reynaldo Blandon

Strategy: Edwin Farley