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The Herald announces 123rd Editorial Board

Ayyy, sexy ladies ­— Herald style

Like Scandinavian warriors descending on the mead hall, The Brown Daily Herald's staff convened at popular "Antiques Roadshow" filming destination and sophisticated Providence eatery Cav restaurant Friday night. The paper's current leadership announced the 123rd Editorial Board, who will officially take the reins of the organization Jan. 1.

The inspiration for Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble," Shefali Luthra '14 will serve as editor-in-chief and president of The Brown Daily Herald, Inc. Trying to match Luthra's knowledge of the inner workings of faculty governance and Brown's presidential history is like driving a new Maserati down a dead-end street. Luthra, who hails from sunny Los Altos, Calif., knows the latest Bollywood trivia all too well and can fearlessly execute complicated baking recipes while analyzing Proust's madeleine episode.

Lucy Feldman '14 will serve as editor-in-chief and vice president of The Brown Daily Herald, Inc. Feldman, from Portland, Ore., is a former news editor and the star and inspiration for the new USA Network drama "Crimes of Fashion," about an impeccably dressed lady detective. Her coverage of the impact of socioeconomic status on Brown's social scene earned her five frat tanks out of five.

Elizabeth Carr '14, also known as the lady in red, hails from St. Louis and will serve as managing editor. Carr previously turned down an offer to participate on "Cupcake Wars" in order to be City & State editor. In her new role, Carr will school The Herald on shooting range etiquette and tomato horticulture.

Jordan Hendricks '14, who will also serve as managing editor, was born in Oklahoma! City on "oh what a beautiful morning." Hendricks maintains an active social media presence and has been known to own the night like the 4th of July.

Aparna Bansal '14, who came to the States from Jakarta, Indonesia, will serve as senior editor. Formerly a features editor who perfected stories on everything from Quidditch at Brown to Hope Street shops, Bansal is on the Chipotle and Kabob and Curry meal plan.

Alexa Pugh '14, of Ridgefield, Conn., will also serve as senior editor. Pugh transferred from Northwestern University in fall 2011 to pursue liberal arts and enjoy Providence's milder climate. A former senior staff writer, Pugh will use what she learned at a Glamour Magazine internship to bring the "Hey, It's OK!" feature to The Herald. First on the list: to sneak a nap on the back-office couch.

The 123rd Editorial Board will work with an exciting roster of new leaders in 2013.

Greg Jordan-Detamore '14, of Philadelphia, will serve as The Herald's first-ever strategic director. He has mastered the wily tricks of the College Publisher content management system and knows the public transportation offerings of your city better than you do. Jordan-Detamore resides in Graduate Center C.

Alexandra Macfarlane '13 will continue as news editor, joined by Mathias Heller '15 and Eli Okun '15. Macfarlane, of Salt Lake City, Utah, led this fall's Herald poll and specialized in asking the tough questions about students' relationship statuses and sleeping patterns.

Heller, of Alexandria, Va., has already begun planning his presidential campaign alongside running mate Joe Biden. His campaign will be punctuated by quotations from former University president Gordon Gee and a stunning array of bowties. Okun, of Rockville, Md., is often spotted in deep discussion with President Christina Paxson at Tealuxe, occasionally accompanied by Assistant to the President Kim Roskiewicz.

Sona Mkrttchian '15 and Adam Toobin '15 will team up to take Providence by storm as next year's City & State editors. Mkrttchian, of South Egg Harbor, N.J., has a penchant for pensions and ventured to Princeton last spring to report on Paxson's time at the lesser Ivy. Toobin, of New York City, showed his political expertise while covering a number of closely contested local and national races this election season. His ability to quickly digest complex issues, among other things, clinched The Herald's victory in its semiannual kickball throwdown versus the College Hill 'dependent.

Hannah Abelow '14 and Maddie Berg '15, both from New York, will take their considerable talent to the stage as Arts & Culture editors. Abelow gave The Herald's international coverage a boost by writing about support for President Obama while abroad in Cape Town this semester. Berg, who reported this semester that many students are single, but seek relationships, will steer the section's coverage toward perfect-date restaurants.

Elizabeth Koh '15 and Alison Silver '15 will serve as features editors. Koh, who hails from La Mirada, Calif., and goes by the nickname Echo, plans to use her knowledge of Greek mythology to start a new blog called Narcissists@Brown. Silver, of Concord, Mass., will draw new writers to the features section with her Italian flair and trademark hospitality.

Sahil Luthra '14 will continue as Science & Research editor, joined by Kate Nussenbaum '15. Luthra, of Los Altos, Calif., will bring his much-envied improv skills to The Herald's musical comedy-focused newsroom. Nussenbaum, of Concord, Mass., specializes in tattoo tales, and rumor has it that Nussenbaum had a tattoo of Jonah Lehrer removed this past summer.

James Blum '14 and Connor Grealy '14 will take over as sports editors. Blum, of Potomac, Md., will bring his expertise in covering the track team to The Herald's sports section. Grealy, of Greenwich, Conn., loves golf.

Kyle McNamara '14, of Alva, Fla., will continue as design editor, joined by Brisa Bodell '15, of Albany, Calif., and Einat Brenner '15, of Sunnyvale, Calif. Sandra Yan '15, of Derwood, Md., will serve as assistant design editor. The design quartet will maintain The Herald's diva factor by keeping the dial locked on Pandora's Beyonce station.

The Herald's picture-perfect photography leadership will remain in place next year. Emily Gilbert '14, of Summit, N.J., Sam Kase '15, of New York City, and Tom Sullivan '15, of Glenside, Penn., will stay on as photo editors. Gilbert will use her knowledge of optics to manipulate light for stunning photography. Kase and Sullivan will continue to beast at their respective contests: being a dead ringer for a younger Woody Allen for Kase and growing mountain man-themed beards for Sullivan.

Sara Palasits '15, from Fanwood, N.J., will serve as copy desk chief. Palasits can find an out-of-place comma with her eyes closed. She was reading the dictionary by age two, and one of the characters from the musical "25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee" was fashioned after her.

Lucas Husted '13, from Washington, D.C., will continue as opinions editor, sipping mate tea to spark his ingenious ideas, and will be joined by Matt Brundage '15, of Montclair, Va., and Maggie Tennis '14, of Baltimore, Md.

Dan Jeon '14, of Slippery Rock, Penn., will continue as editor of The Herald's editorial page board. Jeon brings a passion for public policy and mad skills on the tennis court to the job.

Joe Stein '16, of Woodbridge, Conn., will take over for Neal "Swimming" Poole '13, of New York City, as The Herald's web producer. Poole will serve as assistant web producer in the spring. Stein's intriguing demeanor will make up for the fact that his beard does not come close to rivaling Poole's.

The Herald is also proud to announce its newest staff writers so far this semester: Sheza Atiq '14, Kiki Barnes '16, Mariya Bashkatova '15, Alex Blum '16, Emily Boney '15, Sophie Flynn '15, Jasmine Fuller '15, Sam Heft-Luthy '16, Sabrina Imbler '16, Maxine Joselow '16, Katie Lamb '16, Maggie Livingstone '16, Rachel Margolis '16, Ria Mirchandani '15, Sarah Perelman '15, Brittany Nieves '15, Sonia Phene '15, Molly Schulson '16 and Corinne Sejourne '16.

Zoe "HYFR" Hoffman '13, of Falls Church, Va., and Claire "Lipstick" Luchette '13, of Hinsdale, Ill., will take over as editors-in-chief of post-, The Herald's vivacious weekly magazine. The two will use morse code to exchange story ideas through the wall they share in the notorious Brook Street Pinkhaus.

Meredith Bilski '14, from Chappaqua, N.Y., will rise from managing editor of BlogDailyHerald to serve as its editor-in-chief. Bilski is wont to mack them dudes up, back coupes up and chuck the deuce up. Moderately priced soaps are her calling. It's spoooky.

Will Janover '15 will serve as managing editor of BlogDailyHerald. Janover hails from New York City, and you should probably compliment him on the Internet.

The Herald also announced its new business leaders Friday.

Sam Plotner '14, who hails from Larchmont, N.Y., will move up from finance director to general manager and treasurer of The Brown Daily Herald, Inc. Plotner, who has been deemed "most likely to be both a frat-master and a grandfather," will definitively not be working any night shifts at The Herald to keep up his 10 p.m. bedtime.

Julia Kuwahara '14, who hails from Japan and served as sales director in the spring, will take the role of general manager and secretary of The Brown Daily Herald, Inc. Kuwahara earned the honor of being named "most likely to elope" this fall.

Emily Chu '14, of Essex Junction, Vt., will serve as alumni relations director. Luka Ursic '14 will serve as finance director, Eliza Coogan '15 as sales director, Justin Lee '14 as business development director and Angel Lee '14 as business strategy director.


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