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Dear Readers,

Here’s what’s intimidating about writing the Editor’s Note (and really, the blank page in general): It’s the fact that I could write about anything. All week, I’ve been gathering threads of thoughts, a hundred little wisps that I assumed I could take and run with. Did you know I’ve been cracking my knuckles much more than I used to? That I bought ten new pairs of white socks? Oh, and Olivia saw me in the basement of Faunce, but I was so sleepy I didn’t realize she was saying hi to me. I’ve hoarded mundanities like a child collecting rocks off the ground and assumed it’d be easy to polish out something profound.

Put into writing, it’s been a bit harder to wax philosophical than expected. Maybe this is just me, readers, but my thoughts seem so much bigger when they’re in my head. Every imagined scenario expands and blurs at the edges. Everything feels like it matters so much, all the time. But once I put the words down, I realize that what’s on the page is all there is, binary boundaries between text or blank space. That’s the art of writing, isn’t it? To pare our experiences down into something that can be understood?

This week, our writers have distilled their thoughts into words on a variety of topics. In Feature, our author ponders how to balance being an adult and a child. Our Narrative writers meditate on escapism through Jane Austen and the meaning behind washing dishes. In Arts & Culture, writers talk about nicknames (really, a lack thereof) and music by Joni Mitchell and Zadie Smith. And in Lifestyle, we revise and revisit a Brown-specific Rice purity test, our college experience broken down into the bare essentials: GCB, sexiling, and dining establishment discourse.

Readers, I’ve almost done it. I’ve managed to write an entire note that’s about something, but also a bit about nothing, no? I’m writing about writing, or really, about how I’ve spent all week thinking about the writing I’m finally doing now. It’s always made sense to me in my head, but now that it’s written down, maybe it makes some sense to you, too.

Feature Managing Editor


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