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Articles by Alex Valenti (5)

On "The Raspberry Men," Emerson discusses his teenage years split between Taipei, Hong Kong and New Hampshire.

Arts & Culture

Chance Emerson ’23 debuts album, ‘The Raspberry Men’

March 10, 2020 Comments are Disabled

Sporting summery attire despite the unexpected snowfall outside, Chance Emerson ’23 and the Clementines turned Andrews Commons into a makeshift concert hall on the night of March 6. The band enlivened the large crowd that turned up with songs from Emerson’s new album, “The Raspberry Men.”

At the opening of the 12th annual Brown/RISD Dual Degree Exhibition Thursday night, visitors to the Granoff Center for the Creative Arts viewed student works responding to the theme “Many Years Later.” The works spanned many mediums, including paper cutting, stop-motion animation, textiles and sculpture.

Arts & Culture

Brown/RISD dual degree students explore time, memory in annual exhibit

January 24, 2020 Comments are Disabled

The 12th annual Brown/RISD Dual Degree Exhibition welcomed the public Thursday night with a lively opening reception at the Granoff Center for the Creative Arts.

The five housemates produce most of their music around the IKEA living room table in their home.

Arts & Culture

Student band brings new sounds to Brown

November 21, 2019 Comments are Disabled

For the student band Megafauna, production is at the core of their music. They craft synth-driven indie rock songs with both their laptops and guitars — even during their live shows, the computer plays drums.

Cantú spoke at length about Border Patrol’s treatment of migrants traveling across the United States’ border with Mexico.

Arts & Culture, News, University News

Former Border Patrol agent discusses indifference in immigration discourse

October 22, 2019 Comments are Disabled

Mexican-American writer Francisco Cantú spoke of the challenges migrants face at the United States-Mexico border and the importance of hearing and sharing their stories at the Granoff Center for the Creative Arts last Friday night.

ICERM panel highlights intersection of mathematics, art

Arts & Culture

ICERM panel highlights intersection of mathematics, art

October 10, 2019 Comments are Disabled

Researchers and artists from around the country discussed the capacity of images to facilitate mathematical understanding at a panel discussion Monday.