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Articles by Ashwini Natarajan (15)

Arts & Culture

Festival shines spotlight on black queer theater

April 15, 2014 Comments are Disabled

This year’s “Black Lavender Experience” provided insight into the history and hardships faced by black queer individuals.

“The Secret Life of Eating at Brown,” written and directed by Phoebe Nir ’14, addressed the gray area in which students may find themselves outside the diagnostic criteria for an eating disorder, but inside the mindset.

Arts & Culture

Food for thought: Play challenges definitions of eating disorders

April 8, 2014 Comments are Disabled

In the world of food, there can sometimes be three stereotypical types of eaters.

Twins Jessi Haddad ‘16.5 and Nikki Haddad ’16 return to their roots, seeking to define Jewish identity through vignettes on “Jews of Brown.”


‘Jews of Brown’ celebrates cultural diversity online

March 20, 2014 Comments are Disabled

Using a photo and quotes to spotlight students who identify as Jewish, the page currently has 628 likes and garners anywhere from 40 to 130 likes per photo.

Arts & Culture

Community arts projects vie for grant

March 18, 2014 Comments are Disabled

Three Squares and Inhabit, two Providence-based projects, are finalists for ArtPlace America’s Creative Placemaking grants.

The University will create more spaces for student artists under a new strategic planning initiative aimed at expanding performing arts resources. The University will also hire more faculty members in the performing arts.

University News

Performing arts to grow under new initiative

February 26, 2014 Comments are Disabled

A new strategic planning initiative to expand performing arts at Brown could yield increased performance space.

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