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Brown ranks 41st on list of top colleges for African-Americans

November 4, 2004 Comments are Disabled

The ranking by Black Enterprise Magazine placed Brown sixth among the eight Ivy League universities.

Cancelled classes cause problems for students, departments

October 6, 2004 Comments are Disabled

At the beginning of this semester, students who were intrigued by the listing for HI102: “Medieval Spain: Land of Three Cultures” in the Course Announcement Bulletin might have gotten a surprise when they went to shop the class – it had been cancelled. This cancellation was not unique to the history department.

Finalists for senior administrative positions to be interviewed in coming weeks

October 3, 2004 Comments are Disabled

Search committees are close to creating a list of finalists for two open administrative positions: vice president for campus life and student services and vice president for public affairs and University relations. Luiz Valente, associate professor of Portuguese and Brazilian studies, is heading the search committee for the new vice president for campus life and student services.

Students react to presidential debate

October 1, 2004 Comments are Disabled

Supporters of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry far outnumbered President George W. Bush’s supporters at two debate-viewing parties on campus Thursday night. At a viewing party in Salomon 101 hosted by the Brown Democrats, the audience – which filled the lecture hall – consistently greeted Kerry’s statements with applause; a small group of Bush fans cheered for the president throughout the 90-minute debate.

Grading system spurs controversy at South Carolina college

September 29, 2004 Comments are Disabled

Two professors at Benedict College in South Carolina were fired recently for refusing to systematically factor effort into students’ grades.

National Security Council official discusses African affairs, off the record

September 21, 2004 Comments are Disabled

In an off-the-record lecture Wednesday night, Jendayi Frazer, senior director for African affairs at the National Security Council, talked about the Bush administration’s Africa policy to a small audience in Salomon 001. Frazer discussed U.S. relations with countries in sub-Saharan Africa and listed the countries in the region that the United States regards as strategically important.

Putting past behind him, Ted Turner ’60 builds strong relationship with University

September 20, 2004 Comments are Disabled

Ted Turner ’60 spent three years at Brown and left without graduating. But with a net worth of over $2 billion, he stands among the University’s most prominent alumni. Turner, who will return to Brown this weekend to receive an award for achievement in entrepeneurship and speak at the Entrepreneurial Extravaganza, achieved fame as the founder of CNN, the world’s first 24-hour cable news channel.

RIAA files lawsuit seeking identification of 2 Brown file-sharers

September 20, 2004 Comments are Disabled

The Recording Industry Association of America filed a lawsuit Thursday against two unnamed Brown network users for sharing copyrighted music over the Internet. A court order issued Thursday by the U.S. District Court of Rhode Island grants the RIAA authority to issue a subpoena asking Brown for the identities of the two users based on their IP addresses.

Brown examines options for vacant houses

September 16, 2004 Comments are Disabled

A rather spooky house sits next to Minden Hall on Waterman Street. With peeling paint, rotting stairs and broken windows, the house is not a vestige of grand Victorian wealth. Instead, it looks like a slum – one that a negligent landlord has let sit unoccupied for too long.