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Articles by Ben Hyman (44)

Bell Gallery show reconsiders Soviet art

September 8, 2008 Comments are Disabled

An eye-opening new exhibition, “Views and Re-Views: Soviet Political Posters and Cartoons,” invites viewers to reconsider overly simplistic characterizations of the style of Soviet art known as Socialist Realism.

‘Jesus’ pulls on labors of liberty, love

April 14, 2008 Comments are Disabled

Near the beginning of Marcus Gardley’s new play “… and Jesus moonwalks the Mississippi,” set in the Civil War South, one Creole character raises a toast “to la fraternite, l’egalite, and to l’amour.” It’s a key moment. The line twists the three tenets of the French Revolution – liberty, equality and fraternity – into “fraternity, equality and love,” a fitting substitution in a work that’s all about the place in which love and liberty intersect.

X-rays put focus on victims of terrorism

April 4, 2008 Comments are Disabled

In the Photoshop age, with photographs often bearing only a passing relationship to reality, the X-ray image remains the authority on a deeper kind of truth. In “Inside Terrorism: The X-Ray Project,” on view at a gallery in Brown/RISD Hillel until April 11, artist Diane Covert has mined the honesty of X-rays to put the suffering experienced by victims of terrorism into stark focus.

Exhibition displays contrasts of student art

March 20, 2008 Comments are Disabled

The 2008 Student Art Exhibition, running at the David Winton Bell Gallery until March 30, states its purpose up front. This declaration of intent comes in the form of Alice Malone’s ’08 pair of multimedia works, “Explosion I” and “Explosion II,” which the viewer encounters immediately upon entering the building.

Accepted and rejected works all make it to List

March 18, 2008 Comments are Disabled

The 28th annual juried Student Exhibition opened Sunday evening at the David Winton Bell Gallery in List Art Center.

Student playwrights draw on heritage for Rites and Reason

March 3, 2008 Comments are Disabled

Over the next two weeks, Rites and Reason Theatre, the arts branch of the Department of Africana Studies, is presenting two new plays that reflect on historical events in Iran and Cuba.

Amid warnings, PW play goes for the gut

February 8, 2008 Comments are Disabled

In the weeks leading up to tonight’s opening of Production Workshop’s new play, “The Music of Erich Zann in the Penal Colony,” warnings outside the performance space, reading “Caution,” “Heavy Machinery” and “Keep Out,” have kept the show a fiercely guarded secret.

Prof. finds new meaning in protest speeches

February 1, 2008 Comments are Disabled

On July 14, 2007, a young man named Matthew Floyd Miller stood at a simple wooden lectern on Boston Common, the golden dome of the state house gleaming in the background. Speaking to a crowd of 40 or 50 people, he decried the “calm, smiling, murderous president in the White House.

Orchestra displays talent with guest conductor

December 3, 2007 Comments are Disabled

The Brown University Orchestra’s Thursday night performance of works by Verdi, Nielsen and Bartok highlighted the orchestra members’ gifts not only as an ensemble but also as soloists.

Gilbert and Sullivan’s convoluted ‘Yeomen’ blends sad and silly

November 16, 2007 Comments are Disabled

All Brown students who are feeling a significant absence of plummy British accents in their lives should take heart: Brown University Gilbert & Sullivan’s fall production of “The Yeomen of the Guard” has arrived. “Yeomen,” with direction by Rachel Weiler ’10 and Melissa Kagen ’09 and musical direction by Josh Feintuch ’08, runs Friday and Saturday in Alumnae Hall.