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Articles by Ben Leubsdorf (94)

Swearer Center director to leave

March 11, 2005 Comments are Disabled

Associate Dean of the College Peter Hocking, director of the Swearer Center for Public Service, will leave his current position at Brown this summer to focus more on his passions for painting and teaching. He notified the University of his resignation several weeks ago, and a search committee is being formed to look for his replacement.

Howie Day to play Spring Weekend

March 10, 2005 Comments are Disabled

Singer-songwriter Howie Day will perform at the Saturday concert on the Main Green during Spring Weekend, the Brown Concert Agency confirmed Wednesday.

ResCouncil’s Room Review Web site designed to be the ‘Critical Review of dorm rooms’

March 7, 2005 Comments are Disabled

“Scrabcake” described Minden 306 as “the presidential suite of dorm rooms,” a large single with a private bathroom. “This surprisingly large double resembles a prison cell upon first entrance,” noted “Chalkazulu,” writing about Archibald 125. To “Timmy,” Caswell 311 has “arguably the best view on campus.

Broken sprinkler in Wilson Hall forces evacuation

March 3, 2005 Comments are Disabled

Wilson Hall was evacuated Wednesday after a sprinkler head on the first floor broke around 10:35 a.m. and sprayed water for about 10 minutes.

The New Curriculum Then

March 2, 2005 Comments are Disabled

Toward the end of the 1960s, Brown students were dissatisfied with the University they knew and were ready to do something about it. “I think I was like a lot of kids coming into school,” said Elliot Maxwell ’68, who was unsure at the time what a college education was supposed to mean.

23% of EMS calls alcohol-related

February 24, 2005 Comments are Disabled

Members of Brown Emergency Medical Services once found a girl passed out with her head in a toilet. Her face was less than an inch from the vomit-filled water. If her shoulders had been a little narrower, or the toilet bowl a little wider, she would have drowned.

Student car ignites on Waterman

February 17, 2005 Comments are Disabled

A car belonging to a Brown graduate student caught fire in front of Faunce House on Waterman Street shortly before 9 p.m. Wednesday. While Providence city firefighters were extinguishing the fire, the burning vehicle rolled forward into a parked car belonging to two sisters of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary, who were attending an event in Faunce House.

UCS aims to bring kegs back on campus

February 16, 2005 Comments are Disabled

Some students are seeking to restore what many consider an icon of college life after its absence from campus for over a decade. The Undergraduate Council of Students will introduce a resolution today calling for the University to lift the ban on kegs and instead regulate their use on campus.

New system blocks 90,000 spam e-mails in first 24 hours

February 15, 2005 Comments are Disabled

Brown University woke up to cleaner inboxes Monday morning. Computing and Information Services rolled out the new anti-spam system Proofpoint Monday. Proofpoint quarantines suspected spam messages and prevents them from reaching e-mail users’ inboxes while sending users a digest of those e-mails.

Budget cuts stretch writing fellows’ resources

February 9, 2005 Comments are Disabled

A combination of budget cuts and students studying abroad this semester has left the Writing Fellows Program understaffed and struggling to cover all participating courses. The budget cuts have also resulted in the elimination of the Rhetoric Fellows program.

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